IPOB Charity Concert - Germany

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 2, 2016

The quest for the restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra is something that will never backslide; no matter how the war rages; there is still intensity, resoluteness and ideas needed to achieve success. In the face of the clamp down against the people of Biafra; activities to promote and restore Biafra is exuding. MAKA BIAFRA CONCERT is another window to show that Biafra cannot be stopped and it is Biafra or nothing. Biafra cannot be killed with gun and neither can it be stopped with kidnap or arrest and execution of the people of Biafra by Nigerian government. Biafra is now an ideology its time has come; it has been imbedded on the people.

This Charity Concert to be held on Saturday 19th of November at- Address: Konkordiastrabe: contact: 23-2558095 Hagen Germany is powered by German Voice Pro-Biafra C/O IPOB Radio Biafra. The Music Concert is aimed at fighting modern slavery, nepotism and violence of any kind against peaceful and lawful people of Biafra. The people of Biafra having decided to peacefully go about self determination are still faced with State sponsored kidnap, arrest and execution. As humanity is under extermination in that part of the world; this concert is aimed at to bring to the knowledge of the world the calamity of humanity.

There shall be live performances from Biafran Indigenous musicians who have a special pattern of play; through music; messages are passed. Be part of the thrilling entertainment that will define so much about the people of Biafra. Join in the effort to tell our story; to let the world know about the genocide being perpetrated against us. The event shall be featuring Indigenous Musicians like Mr PRO from Spain. Prof Akoma from Italy and Smile Amuzie whose new album shall be launched will take you through from 19.00 till dawn. With extra entertainments you cannot afford to miss and dignitaries expected.

There is the need to give the needed attention to every concert or move in line with Biafra restoration; the people of Biafra have no other future except Biafra. The world must be made to hear our story; we must rise to the task or we lose our lives in the contraption called Nigeria. The genocide being committed against us must be addressed through independence; there must be a way out to keep telling our story.

In a bid to tell our story around the world and make the world understand or know the state of oppressed people of Biafra; Biafra Charity concert is here for you and for the world. This concert is organized in the interest of the people of Biafra to spread the good news through music concert. All around the world; Biafra should be heard; the noise should be much because we have come to stay for real. Restoration of Biafra is what cannot be wished away or hampered again; Biafra is here and MAKA BIAFRA CHARITY CONCERT says that.

This is what Biafra needs; the noise can keep echoing, the call for a free Biafra sustained by every means possible. As they raise guns and shoot to kill the people of Biafra for demanding to be free; the people in return raise reason and wisdom to conquer violence. MAKA BIAFRA CHARITY CONCERT is a medium to raise our voice and get people to know what is going on in Biafra. Be There!

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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