BIAFRA: Nigeria Civil War of 1963 - 1979 had been a disturbing reference point of excuses so many elders that aged Nigeria 1914 contraption with genocidal experiences has been leading to, though it took so many Heroes and Heroines souls of great Biafrans but the baffling one that may take up to thrice number of lost souls in that regrettable pogrom achieved by Yakubu Gowon will soon issue in the form of revolution if Mohammed Buhari does not cut down the level of tyrannical and witch-hunting style of government he has approached. The arrest of Femi -Fani-Kayode has repeated itself, after detaining his Wife and eight months baby in EFCC evil custody. This shows the high level of wickedness a man in the person of Mohammed Buhari will ever posture in rendering public services of protecting Lives and properties. ECOWAS court has made a statutory function of settling peace amongst member countries by passing verdict to release the embattled security Adviser of then President Dr Goodluck Jonathan, Dazuki with a penalty of #15,000,000 for violation of his Human Right but is unfortunate today that Mr Dazuki fate of being released is not achievable. After Justice John dropped and withdrew his hands from the case of treasonable felony levied against the Director of Radio Biafra and Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Dr Nnamdi Kanu by Mohammed Buhari, the Sister of Buhari from Daura were transferred the case to by Buhari. Displaying their evil agenda, Justice Binta Nyako fixed the hearing of the same case to a day of sitting ECOWAS Court has chosen to hear Dr Nnamdi Kanu's case which he sued Federal Government of Nigeria. This is an absolute slap to judicial process and system.
Buhari has recently directed the police department (Department of Security Services set up in protecting the presidency) to invade homes of Justices in quest of recovering alleged bribery allegations levied on the said Judges with proper search and arrest warrant/order ( Those arrested include Justice Sylvester Nguta and John Okoro of the Supreme Court and Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court Abuja, Justice Muazu Pindiga of Gombe State; Kabiru Auta of Kano State, Innocent Umezulike, of Enugu State and Justice).

Before now, there are constitutional provisions which empower Both National Judicial Council, National Bar Association, and the Chief Justice of the Federation to look into matters and cases involving Judges, Lawyers and SANs internally before other agencies may look into such situations. Mr Buhari boycotted these processes, hierarchy and went ahead to arrest the judges under allegation without a proper court order.
Days ago, Mr Buhari met with elders of Niger Delta region to discuss methods and situations surrounding Niger Delta and how to resolve the constant problem (Oil spillages, Bombings, gas flaring, etc.). On a fateful thrust, the elders trusted Buhari and graced his call, but unknown to them Buhari were using the avenue to put them in the dark over his atrocious agenda as he sent more 4 war boats and 34,000 troops to Niger Delta environ Meanwhile, soldiers has been killing innocent youths who has been on daily businesses.
Revolution is calling as MEND has joined force with the dreaded Niger Delta Avengers to achieve their goal of operation zero economies. The Youths went on to pose war with the Buhari murderous agents that "we are ready for war".On the part of the elders( The region’s leaders, under the aegis of Pan Niger Delta Forum, also demanded the clean-up of other communities affected by spill, besides Ogoniland), they presented 16 points demand Which includes relocation of Oil companies headquarters base of operation and restoration of Oil blocks to indigenous owners etc. If anything funny happens to Kanu than release on 8th of November, it gets to be another face of war.
By Prince Richmond Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi For Umuchiukwu Writers
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