This report (see link below) is from the very influential left wing newspaper in London called The Guardian. I want those disposed to intellectual discourse to study the style of reporting in this article very carefully to understand that there is something fundamentally wrong with the psyche of the British when it comes to the issue of Biafra.

Like BBC, Daily Mail and now Guardian that have so far covered this news from the United Kingdom, none have come out to state categorically, based on irrefutable video and photographic evidence presented by Amnesty International, that 150 unarmed peaceful protesters were indeed killed by Nigerian soldiers acting on the orders of President Muhammadu Buhari.

There is this natural hatred for Biafra from some within the British establishment which they cannot hide no matter how hard they try. Be it their government of the day, media or business interests. Their apathetic attitude towards the issue of Biafra remains the same.

Most students of African colonial history is of the opinion that Britain's problem with Biafra stems from the fact that they want to perpetuate the total control of oil, gas and other natural resources in Biafraland through their Hausa Fulani allies who they cleverly enthroned as the perennial rulers of Nigeria. The thinking being that the largely economically docile Northern ruling class will not challenge the status quo of Britain being at liberty to do very much as it likes as was the case during colonial times.

Britain ensured that power was transferred to the North upon independence, which by all intent and purposes have continued till date. Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan's administrations were mere caretaker regimes than actual government if you consider the length of time the North has been in power compared to the South

This ill informed position on Biafra is flawed because Biafrans are arguably more British than any other race in Africa. From the Anglicisation of their names, language and culture to shared value systems such as tolerance, freedom of expression, Christianity and dare I say it, Western education to name but a few. Therefore where this morbid irrational fear of Biafra is coming from some of us do not know.

Is it not ironic that despite the role the British Government played in the pogrom of 1966 by not prevailing upon the North to stop the mass slaughter of Southerners who were mostly Biafrans, His Excellency Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu still adopted the pound as the name of Biafran currency. If Biafrans nursed any animosity towards the British, beyond the initial non ceding of oil wells to Shell BP as the then British Prime Minister requested through representatives of the oil giant who visited Ojukwu at Government House in Enugu, why then did Biafrans name their currency pound?

To those misguided and misinformed elements within the British establishment, Biafra means the end of neo colonialism and their control of the mind of black man. That is why so much has been invested to stop the emergence of Biafra at all cost.

Also contained in this article by the UK Guardian newspaper is a mortal fear of political union between South East and South South which will naturally result in the independence of Biafra. Only those who are capable of discernment would have observed this subtext in this publication. Only if so called Niger Delta people can see this and retrace their steps.

Put simply, the British it appears do not want Biafra, that is why they have not come out publicly to condemn the illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu who incidentally holds their citizenship. Same British Government have in the past publicly called for the release of known terrorists they feel their detention fell foul of due process of law. Guantanamo Bay comes to mind. These Arabian terror suspects with only British residency not citizenship, were recipients of open UK Government and media support. Why British Government have decided not to accord the issue of the illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu the same level of attention it devoted to the release of Islamic terrorists is a question only them and their media can answer.

Biafrans must take heart from the fact that all these newspapers, TV and media houses were against Trump yet he won the US presidential elections. What we as Biafrans must do, as some of us are already doing is to dominate social media, a space they cannot control.

IPOB must not be afraid of her enemies, especially in this all important media battle because our cause is ordained by God in heaven who is always with us. This huge battle between light and darkness is being fought on a terrain (cyber space) the British, Nigeria and the rest of the world Arab Dollar media cannot control.

Our weapons are simply Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and LinkedIn accounts. Our strategy very straightforward-to keep posting and sharing accurate news about Biafra restoration efforts until all lies are dismantled and era of freedom ushered in.

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