By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Earlier this year, during the Nuclear Summit held in the United States of America (USA), outgoing President of the USA, Barak Obama, told the world (to the consternation of Biafrans) that one of his lackey’s in Africa, Muhammadu Buhari, was doing a good job in Nigeria. He made this dishonest declaration while trying to introduce the mass murdering President of Nigerian to Canadian leader, Justin Trudeau.

Expectedly, this declaration set the mind of this writer and many Biafrans wondering as to whether the Buhari that was being introduced was the same Buhari they knew. They wondered whether Obama was aware of the many atrocities and crimes against humanity, which Buhari had committed as was committing.

Biafrans had found it hard to believe that Obama was talking about Buhari, the pedophile, the mass murderer and sponsor of terrorism (Boko Haram). Was Obama not aware, they wondered, that it was Buhari who first introduced kidnapping in Nigeria as military head of state, when he organized the kidnap of Umaru Dikko in London. Umaru Dikko was put in a crate to be flown to Nigeria, but it was the extra alertness of London Metropolitan Police that thwarted the kidnap attempt.
Buhari was the man who, during the Biafra/Nigeria war went into a Church and murdered scores of Biafrans who were taking refuge there. In spite of all these atrocities, and more, Obama went ahead in helping to rig Buhari into power. Obama’s meddling in the election led to his making a video in support of Buhari, and sending some of his lackeys to help in manipulating things.

Reality check from the time of that election and now shows that Obama has continued to support Buhari in spite of his many atrocities against Biafrans. Without doubt, Biafrans equally believe strongly that Obama has also influenced some of his lackeys across the world to lend their hand in shielding Buhari. Amongst his lackeys were the likes of David Cameron, as British Prime Minister; Ban Ki-moon, the outgoing Secretary General of the United Nations (UN); David Axelrod.

Cameron was the one that lent his support by organizing a deception he called Anti-corruption summit in United Kingdom (UK), of which the main aim was to launder the image of Buhari, Nigeria’s chief terrorist and to give him out as an anti-corruption champion. But even fools in Nigerian knew that Buhari was a grandfather of corruption. Buhari was part of the band of rascals that gang-raped Nigerian economy, reducing it to the comatose position it is today. Buhari has held every important position in Nigeria – from head of state, to governor, to minister, and several other positions – and so was part of the problem.  Every serious Nigerian knew that Buhari was one of the grand-fathers of corruption in Nigeria.

Ban Ki-moon, on his own part, told the world at the last United Nations (UN) Summit that Buhari was respected among world leaders. Biafrans have wondering when the respect of Buhari stemmed from the fact that he is a pedophile, or that he has run Nigerian economy aground, or for hounding political opponents.
Biafrans have tried to find out why Obama hated them so much as to ignore their plight under Nigerian Adolph Hitler, Buhari. Biafrans had expected that a half-African would understand their situation of Africans more than other US presidents who did not have African blood. They had rejoiced greatly when Obama was elected as US President, hoping that as half-African like Bob Nestor Marley, he would have compassion for indigenous Africans suffering neo-colonialism like Biafrans.

Biafrans were saddened that the same Buhari, which Obama was praising, was at that time abducting, detaining, and massacring Biafrans that were peacefully agitating for the restoration of the independent state of Biafra. The same Buhari was already sending Boko Haram members, as Fulani herdsmen, to go to Biafran towns and villages to massacre the people and rape their women and girls while Buhari’s government did nothing to protect them.

Now, Biafrans have become so happy following the recent release of Amnesty International (AI) report on the murder of more than 150 Biafrans by Buhari and his henchmen in Nigerian Police, Navy, and Army. The AI report was so damning and convincing that the world has started looking at Buhari with different lenses. To Biafrans, the report of November 23, which was titled: “Bullets Were Raining Everywhere”: Deadly Repression of Pro-Biafra Activists, put a lie to all Obama’s praises of Buhari. The report was so convincing because AI analyzed about 87 videos, 122 photographs and 146 eye witness testimonies, to arrive at its conclusions. It revealed how Nigerian soldiers fired live bullets to kill and disperse innocent and unarmed Indigenous People of Biafran (IPOB) praying and peacefully protesting the detention of their leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Feeler from Biafrans at this very moment is that Obama’s exit from the US Presidency is a case of “good riddance to bad rubbish. They believe the AI report would have not seen the light of day if Obama had not become a lame-duck president at this time. For all of them, the joke is on Obama.
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