If the contraption called Nigeria, as a country do not value the life of its citizens, we the people of Biafra do value our lives. In other words, we are also letting them know that this is just the beginning of their payback because an elder never sits at home while she-goat put to bed on a rope. It's a taboo in Biafra land. The existence of the Biafran Nation shall be a good example to the beauty of life because in Biafra Land, we call human (MMA-NDU) This only means "the beauty of life".

The Nigerian government has taken it upon themselves to exterminate innocent Biafrans on a daily basis. Biafrans have become victimised, and death has become their portion. We believe in (ONURUBE NWANNE AGBALAOSO) Which means that we must be our brother's keeper. And you as a Biafran it's high time you becomes your brother's keeper. Mind you, if you have not been exercising the motto of our leader, (ONURUBE NWANNE AGBALAOSO), which means "Always be your brother's keeper", then you are still a saboteur, and product if Hausa or Yoruba mixed blood.

It is true that some of our elders have left us to be dying like chickens and goats as some of none Biafran Freedom Fighters do mock us because of been identified to fight for the fatherland, my advice to them is that they have lack ability to reason already and what we are fighting for is also to save them from that low mentality. Freedom is being taken not given, if the kingdom of God suffered violence only the violence can take it by force, the sacrifice of liberty is Devine, and we must, as a matter of fact, sacrifice it for our future generation to enjoy internal freedom in their God-given land(Biafra).

So I use this great opportunity to recommend amnesty international for a job well done, these people though we are still living in this country called Nigeria. I may call it a slip of the tongue because it should always be called a zoo. They do not care about lives, even their tradition, culture and their religious life; they can decide to give it up to Islam. As the Children of the most high, Biafrans has categorically said that our life matters to the detriment.

We urge other international communities to think aloud and secure the lives of the innocent people of Biafrans. From the inception, Biafrans have been the victims. We are nothing but beef in the sight of Nigeria. You either die by Herdsmen or die in the hands of the so-called security operatives. We have evidence, showing how Biafrans were being massacred. We call upon the world leaders to support the existence of a Sovereign state of Biafra because it will be an advantage to them in future to come. We cherish our lives and that of people around us. Do not forget the incidents leading to the uncountable number of Biafrans. Right from August 2015-2016, we have been killed enough, and we know that self-determination is the people's right! And that is all we seek, and we deserve it.


Ugochiukwu Okeke
Edited by Precious Emmanuel
For Umuchiukwu writers.
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