BIAFRA: During the traditional marriage of Mazi Nwachiukwu Chinoso, the IPOB Coordinator of Uratta Zone A, In Aba, Abia State Biafra Land, who was among the 44 IPOB family members arrested and arraigned in Court, At Bayelsa State Biafra Land, on the 22nd day of October 2016, vowed that it's either Biafra is achieved, or the contraption called Nigeria, will collapse. The IPOB coordinator, made this known, to Umuchiukwu writers, at his traditional marriage, on the 13th November 2016. This interview was granted by Nwada Ugochinyere and Mazi Chiukwuebuka of Umuchiukwu writers, at the wedding venue. The IPOB coordinator, noted, that he will rather die than to remain a Nigerian. Here comes the interview: Umuchiukwu: Good afternoon sir, we will like to know your names, and where do you come from. Nwachiukwu: I am Chimnonso Nwachiukwu, and I am from Mbaitolu in Imo State Biafra Land. Umuchiukwu: Are you an IPOB member? Nwachiukwu: Yes! I am a hardcore IPOB member, not only a hardcore, but also a coordinator. Umuchiukwu: what are you doing today? Nwachiukwu: I am having my traditional marriage today. Having realized that you are one of those IPOB family members that were arrested at Bayelsa State on the 22nd day of October 2016, and we also heard that you designed your traditional marriage card, with the Biafran colour, the entire world will love to know, why you did that, irrespective of the military clamp down on innocent Biafrans.
Nwachiukwu: my beloved sister, I am not afraid of the zoo. This is because the zoo is already finished. I am not afraid of anybody, simply because this is my father's land, andIi can't be frightened of using Biafra colour and logo on my marriage invitation card. You can see for yourselves, Biafrans are all over the world, and everywhere around this place. I am not afraid.
Umuchiukwu: What are your advice to Biafrans around the world?
Nwachiukwu: I am advising all Biafrans and IPOB family members, not to be afraid. We were arrested at Bayelsa state, and people were calling me on the phone, telling me that since the zoo military got hold of my invitation card, they are bound to trace the venue, and they will eventually, clamp down on us, thereby advising me to make it secret, to avoid it. But i told them NO! That I must stand because my leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said that it is only fear that will kill us. But if we can remain fearless and courageous, they will do us nothing. That is why I have the mind to stand firm and do my traditional marriage openly with every alacrity. Umuchiukwu: Thank you, sir. So you are still standing on Biafra or death? Nwachiukwu: Yes! (Biafra or death, or the zoo, collapses). Umuchiukwu: Thank you, sir Nwachiukwu: Thank you. This is resoluteness! And our people must continue, "keep on keeping on" as mazi Uche Mefor, IPOB deputy leader will always say.
By Nwada Ugochinyere and Chiukwuebuka
Editor Udeagha Obasi
Reporting for Umuchiukwu writers.

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