BIAFRA: The leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has shocked the world again with his modern attires to court. This defines the meaning of what we are Willing to die for. He has shown the world again, that Biafra is a living spirit, which cannot be terminated by any living being born of human on earth.
Biafran colour has an inspiring meaning, and that's the reason, we do not joke with them. In the Biafran flag, we have four significant number of colours, comprising Red, Black with Yellow at the centre and Green. The Red colour signifies the blood of our fallen heroes, both past and present. Those killed from the inception of our death and massacre.

The Black colour signifies the Black race, which currently is known as the African continent, of which Biafra is situated at the Western part of this continent. The yellow attached to the black though might be small but means a lot. It signifies the rising sun, the region where the sun does rise. And this sun has been the hope of the entire African nations, and the world as a whole, because this rising sun is the only positive light that can crave humanity out of darkness.
The Green colour signifies our Agricultural industriousness, and our ability to make our nation the best among others. Can you see that we are not just Biafrans, but we are also the chosen people of God? This same attire was seen today, at the court signifying all these meanings. My goodness me! I can't illustrate enough, the resoluteness of our leader, as he bears these colours, together with other two who are with him on the court.

The world can be a witness, that we are not relenting, because we are on the right course, and we must remain focus and formidable. We welcome our leader, who has been the cross bearer, on our behalfs. We salute his courage because he thought us how to implement Command And Control exercise. He does what he preaches, unlike those who say one thing and do another.

We cannot express much of our joy, regarding the smiles and mood of our leader. He is always out to encourage us and to send a message to the world. We seek for his total freedom, which implicates the freedom of Biafra also. The world should not keep adamant this time because it's either we get Biafra or everything living on earth will be destroyed.
Freedom for the three Wisemen, Freedom for Biafra

Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu writers.
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