By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

When the fascist Nigerian government of Muhammadu Buhari invited Mark Zuckenberg, the owner of Facebook to Nigeria few weeks ago, a great majority of Biafrans suspected what the invitation was all about. Their suspicion was that it would not be unconnected with attempts by Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian president’s attempts to violently stop the Biafra restoration movement.
However, somehow, they felt unperturbed as they did not see how the young Facebook owner would want to side with Buhari against Biafrans. They did not think it was possible that a Jew will side with an uncircumcised to afflict the circumcised, especially when the aspirations of the circumcised are true and legitimate.

Because they considered Biafrans to be natural allies to the Jews, they did not think Zuckerberg would do otherwise. Secondly, they felt that with the well-documented evidence of oppression and persecution of Jewish worldwide, that it would be impossible for a Jew to support an oppressive government anywhere in the world. In addition, Biafrans were convinced that their campaign for the restoration of the sovereign and independent state of Biafra was too genuine and legitimate for Zuckeberg to work against it.

One Biafran even found support for his position in the Bible, by declaring that Zuckerbeg would not “walk in the Counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the path of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful” (Psalm 1: 1).

However, developments of the past few days appear to have proved the Biafrans wrong. It appeared Zuckerbeg had connived with the Islamic government of Nigeria, led by Buhari, to succeed in his plan to either Islamize Biafrans or annihilate those who refuse to be Islamized. Biafrans suddenly realized that Facebook had started targeting their group accounts as well as that of their leaders. They realized that the Independent of People of Biafra (IPOB) Radio Biafra Facebook group had been shut down. This was a group approaching one million in membership. Biafrans also discovered that the Facebook account of their leaders like Uche Mefor and Carol Munday were also down.
This is why the title of this article became imperative: Is Zuckerberg truly a Jew? Would a Jew align with the uncircumcised to massacre the circumcised? And is his behavior and action consistent with that of a Jew?

Does it mean Zuckerberg did not hear the story of Bruce Mayrock, a young Jewish, university undergraduate who set himself on fire at the United Nations (UN) office in 1968 as a result of atrocities committed against Biafran women, children and the aged. This was done between 1966 and 1970, by Buhari and his kinsmen under the banner of Nigeria, where they committed war crimes against Biafrans. Mayrock had to take his life in protest against the world remaining silent as such atrocities went on.

Was Zuckerberg not aware that is was for the same reason that Steve Jobs abandoned his faith as a Christian because those who profess same faith with him stood by and watched Buhari and his Muslim kinsmen starved and butchered young children, women and the aged without any whimper of protest.

Does it mean Zuckerberg was not aware that Israel did not side with Nigeria during the 1966 – 67 Biafra/Nigeria war? Does it mean that Israeli soldiers fought for Biafra? Does it mean he was not aware that support for Biafra was a major reason why Nigeria refused to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel for many years, even after many Arab countries had done so?

With the above, one cannot help it but ask the questions once again: “Is Zuckerberg truly a Jew? Would a Jew align with the uncircumcised to massacre the circumcised? Is his behavior and action consistent with that of a Jew?
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