Dear Mr. President,

There was once a country called Nigeria, manufactured by the British, that country was built with lies, lack of common goal, no bonding materials, mismatched and inferior materials but only to hold on to wishful thinking that the inevitable - it will not collapse, it surely did

A. An army Muslim General named Muhammadu Buhari is responsible. He is unqualified, a tyrant, dictator, murderer, lacks sense of direction and takes no advice.

Nigeria expired 2014 there was no where I saw constitutional amendment that gave it right to continue to exist.
President Gooduck Johnathan gave the country a way out but it was rejected by the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba alliance. Therefore, the following options should be carried out

All political prisoners jailed under the failed political alliances should be released. The existing parties
are shadow parties that have no rights other than the recognized right of the APC. Members of the PDP and APGA are under siege and therefore they are constantly threatened by Buhari, their members arrested by the illegal DSS. The APC which stands for Arewa People's Congress is an Islamic political party with Islamic Northern Nigeria agenda and you need not look far to see the writing on the wall.

Why are election results being constantly overturned and rescheduled? To establish one party system and just that. This is not a democracy and it is road to Islamization because under this one system, Sharia law will go into effect and there will be no party to challenge it.

A corrupt President fighting corruption with no result deserves investigation and immediate expulsion from the office. He is corrupt because he bribes political party members to get his evil ideology carried out. A case or cases in point

1. Why was Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi who financed your campaign not arrested and tried? (Lie, deceit and corruption).
2. Your lies and reason for the detention of IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu under unfounded charges.
3. Appointment and retention of classless Judge Tsoho to preside and execute a case that has no merits. How much did his services cost you and the country?
4. Engagement of current Judge Binta Nyako to Kanu’s case and later invited her to Asa Rock. Pure conflict of interest. This is very fishy. If you are honest would have had nothing to do with her. This is another of your dishonesty.
5. You are responsible and the sponsor of Boko Haram. You pledged to end them when elected. They are still there Mr. President
They have become deadlier as cattle herdsmen with automatic rifles, killing, ransacking Christian villages and taking over their villages
I can list about twenty more but time is my enemy.

You have killed Nigeria through your Federal Character policies that benefits the Northerners: the Yorubas did not fair that well either. Military and political appointments included as well. How in the world is this a united country? JUST LIES AND LIES.

We expect you to go to the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), courageously address the country that Nigeria died in the year 2014 and have ceased to exist. Declare your Arewa Republic. We very well know this and this is your duty as a President to do just that. We Biafrans have already left. Bye.

Release Nnamdi Kanu and start bi-lateral economic and trade negotiations. More will be achieved than hatred and witch hunting directed towards people that have done nothing to you. We are showing you a simple way out but I will not be surprised that your empty-headed advisers or your Agents will be afraid to give you the right direction. They might not be empty headed after all but will let you fall flat because they are afraid of their lives. They know how spiteful you are as well as what you did to the Nigerian High Court Judges.

Biafra is here to stay, accept the inevitable and let us part ways like civilized Biafrans, Oduduwas and Arewas.

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