BIAFRA: Just like a warning, more just like a ringing bell, Biafrans under the leadership of Dr. Nnamdi Kanu,the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has sounded it severally by putting to light all the hidden master plans of Mohammed Buhari in conjunction with the Islamic Council Worldwide on how to use the office of the president to achieve Islamisation agenda in Nigeria and Africa. The call to use the Umbrella of IPOB as a medium to shed Christianity from Islamic onslaught is not selfish and is not political either. Going by the statistical review, there has been 21.4% of Christians dominance in Nigeria and Africa as at 1953 to 49.3% in 2010, and it has grown to 60% in 2016. It appears that Majority of Biafrans at 99% are all Christians. So also, 80% of Christians in Nigeria are all Biafrans. The 20% is being shared between ARIWA and ODUDUWA. ARIWA at 2% while 18% goes to ODUDUWA. We can not compromise this indexes. So, interchangeably Christians are more to say Biafrans because of their dominance which is approximately 111,000,000.
There are ways to Islamize Nigeria: Buhari just registered Nigeria in the Islamic coalition against terrorism led by Saudi Arabia, the first major conference Buhari would bring to Nigeria is the International Islamic Conference, Muslims are now using El Rufai Kaduna state as a test case to see how they can stop Christians from preaching the gospel not even for you to listen to a gospel message in your car. Who knows they may even ban gospel music, other northern states are copying Mr El Rufai’s law, Fulani herdsmen are sacking Christian villages in the north, the only minister to have died under Buhari happens to be a Christian, The election in Nigeria can be controlled by Christians if they will only abstain entirely from voting. Is not a trick, is a strategy and an avenue to stop Islamic agenda. Is high time you Christians stand up to your challenges. Muslims Worldwide has a secure master structure to take over Africa. Questions of a steady uprising of various terrorist organisations all over the World is not for fun. Muslims are muzzling fears into normal being. If you continue encouraging poll exercise in Nigeria is another language to say you are giving the enemies chances to pass thereby using your thumb to dig your grave.
Historically, is not new on basis why Nigeria is divided into geographical regions. That is dividing into 'sectors' to gain natural approach. Now, you have North, East, South, and West as regions. Then, South-East, South-West, etc. as sub-regions. Knowing fully well that all North area can easily be sealed for Islam, even when other related religions like Shiite, they will not be able to operate on the same group. You either risked being killed or you get converted to Islam. West is known for their idle worshipping, so the percentage is divided between Christianity, Islam and Idle religion. Since is mixed religion, it won't be easy to penetrate the West than to stay clear of them, despite their native policing like Oduduwa People's Congress (OPC) as a force to rebel intruders in present of police.
Coming to Eastern Region is too big. It ended up being slaughtered into S.East and S.West for easy penetration. Under Buhari's regime, we have witnessed Grazing Bill, removal of Christian Religious Knowledge (CRS) from the school curriculum. We have also observed releasing of Boko Haram suspects from prison, Hausa/Fulani Herdsmen invading farms and murdering people at will and others. All these are all objectives of set goal of Islamic agenda. There are no two ways about it. Christians and so also Biafrans need to boycott any form of election in Nigeria to control Islamic agenda, failure means using thumbs to dig their graves. By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi For UmuChiukwu Writers
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