October 04, 2016

Before 1914 amalgamation, Biafrans has already an organised system of government with palatable life Styles. Despite being forced into an unholy marriage called amalgamation of Nigeria.

After the amalgamation, they ( Biafrans) began to share all they had in nature with Nigeria both intellectually and natural resources. Because they began to see them ( Nigeria) as brothers and sisters too. Biafrans used their business guru initiatives to expand the Nigerian business territory both locally and globally. Thereby yielding great tax profits to Nigerian governments.

They equally used their agricultural produce to boost the image and economy of Nigeria especially in cassava, palm oil, rice etc. At least today record has it that Ebonyi or Abakaliki rice is the most nutritive rice in the world, due to the degree of our fertile land used in the cultivation which is devoid of fertilisers.

Biafrans are skillfully gifted and used their talents in sports in serving Nigeria very well. Today you can name many Biafra sports legends both living and dead, that contributed in the boosting the image of Nigeria both within and globally. Examples are : Sam Okparaji, Sunday Olisa, Samson  Siasia,  Kanu Nwankwo, Obi Mikel , Chioma Ajunwa etc.

In leadership, a good number of Biafrans has tirelessly contributed to the growth of Nigeria. Few examples are: Dr. Soludo is one of the best Nigeria central bank governor Nigeria ever had, Mrs. N. Okonji Iwuala- global outstanding financial minister Nigeria ever had. General Ihejirika in the area of security. Good luck E. Jonathan- one of the best President Nigeria ever had, now he is the father of democracy in Africa etc.

Also, in the area of technology Biafrans has equally made Nigeria proud both locally and internationally. Few examples are: Dr.Philip Emeagwali –The computer wizard USA base, Bart NNAJI- the computer aided Designer, Robotics, E- design concept and equally inventor of geometric reasoning and configuration. COLONEL OVIEMO OVAD JE – from Isoko extraction of Delta State. He was declared the best African Scientists in 1995 before African Heads of States, when he won the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) and organization of African Unity (OAU). Gold medal for scientific work designed to save women who usually die from abnormal pregnancy (ECTOPIC GESTATION). Professor Gabriel Oyibo from Igala kingdoms,  PH.D He contributed in the areas of aircraft design, aerodynamics, aero elasticity and mathematics and many more.

In philanthropist development areas, this one is very clear. Due to non dependent, hard working and habitable life style of Biafrans, they have contributed immensely to the growth and development of many cities, States, houses and market places that are devoid of governmental projects. Due to the peace of mind in their nature, they tend to develop areas that are within them. Today because of love brotherhood and clear mindset many Biafrans have houses and industries scattered all over the north more than in  Biafra land. How many Hausa-Fulani houses or industries are in Biafra land?.

Since the creation of this unholy marriage called amalgamation in Nigeria. Biafrans has been at the head in history in the development & growth of this contraception called Nigeria, in the name for peace to rain. But all they get from Nigerian government are disgrace out of offices , humiliation of various kind in various sectors. Marginalization in federal share of funds, via States and local government rigging creations. Unemployment to the youths. Killings and maiming of the Biafrans by Hausa-Fulani reformed Book Haram, rapping of our mothers in our own farm land, kidnapping of Biafrans young girls for sex slavery by their Emirs to consolidate their Islamization. Intimidating our elders in government in other not to represent us well. Shifting of every good industry from Biafra land to north or west. No good federal road projects executed and many more.

Biafrans met their worst subjugation since 1958, after the discovery of oil boom. When the Northerners saw the dynamic blessing bestowed on Biafra land. They intensified their wickedness and marginalization, in other to gain total control of our land. Every of our natural resources became national cake. But the Hausa-Fulani’s cattle are not national cake rather ethnic cake, even their tomatoes are ethnic cake instead of national.
Despite that we contribute the largest quota of this national income. We receive the smallest share. We are being denied of federal  government rural projects. Instead of building this areas with federal incentives, free education and youths empowerment programs to make life palatable at least for people in this river line areas. Hausa-Fulani are busy fortifying their divided and rule antics consolidate their tyrannies and wickedness. 98% percent of oil block

their tyrannies and wickedness. 98% percent of oil blocks in Biafra land are owned and controlled by the Northerners. That is why can here that Bayelser oil is Jigawa oil. In fact we are not been recognized at all.

When we say that we are Israelis allies, Nigeria don’t understand that. But soonest history that brought about the division of Northern and Southern kingdom in Israel is about to repeat itself here in Nigeria. For your information, the division in Israel occurred due to the tyrannies and wickedness nature of Rehoboam who took after his father King Solomon. The people of Israel requested to be treated with at least contempt and leverages of hard labours, for they have contributed a lot in the development and growth of entire Nation.
Rehoboam after several consultations with even good advice from the elders, decided to take the decision of his fellow youths tyrannical attitudes. And told the people of Israel that his little finger is thicker than his father’s waist. Therefore if his father gave them heavy labour that he Rehoboam will make it heavier and as his father whipped them with stick, he Rehoboam will whip them with irons . immediately the Israelite shouted TO YOUR TENTHS O ISRAEL. THEIR CAME THE NORTHERN AND THE SOUTHERN KINGDOM IN ISRAEL ( 1king 12).

Therefore Nigeria we Biafrans have tried all we could do to make life habitable with you people but to no avail. We have developed your cities with our both business and oil money from our areas still you are not happy. We have made you giant of Africa there by dumping our prides of Africa yet you still kill us, rape us ,kidnap our young girls, frustrating our big men industries eg. Ibeto , Innosom etc. Many of our gallant soldiers have lost their lives in the name of defense to this zoo called Nigeria yet no recognition.

Please we have seen that  Nigeria is unpleasable , you don’t like us. What you cherish is our land and oil and we Biafrans as your total slave forever. The present government of Mohammadu Buhari made all the wicked plans of Hausa-Fulani against Biafrans exposed very clear . To Islamize us and make us peprtual slave of theirs.

Please it can not work because we are children of light not slaves. We are the pride of all African Nations. It is time to restore our dignity and that of Africa at large. Our quest is so simply, just like our allies counterpart (Israel) did in the past. We are joining them to say because of Nigeria tyrannies & wickedness, TO YOUR TENTH O BIAFRANS .FOR UNITED STATE OF BIAFRA IS OUR ONLY HOPE. It might be bitter but indeed truth is light, life , golden and has no substitute.


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