By Chinedu Solomon

There was a time when Nigeria's backlogs weren't so obvious due to the military junta and their archaic use of force to suppress human rights violations awareness. Then, there was negligible freedom of speech and freedom after a speech wasn't guaranteed.

It was a military era and barrel of guns was used to enforce jungle justice where you are forced to accept crime not committed else their lion will devour you.

Thank God for democracy, if Hausa-Fulani were aware that Biafra restoration campaign will today gain international momentum and recognition, they would have done everything possible to oppose the 1999 democracy enthronement.

The military junta was good enough to hide every atom of human rights violation evidence that could help to serve as a panacea to justify free speech suppression in artificial or rather "geographical space" called Nigeria.

Today every sane human being is rejoicing for democracy but Hausa-Fulani and their Southwest Muslim counterparts are languishing in agony and pain for the emergence of a democracy; a government of the people and why it should prevail due to the fact they're unable to face the truth.

Before I dive into characteristics of a failed state which Nigeria represents, I will like to throw more light on why Hausa-Fulani will never appreciate democracy.

Democracy has stripped them off their dictatorship tendencies to the extent a self-acclaimed democratically elected president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari - a Fulani herdsman have assumed every dictatorship principles just to maintain insincerity in the highest order, love of subjugation, marginalisation of beleaguered Biafrans, clamping down on peaceful protesters and muzzling of opposition voices.

They have littered the Internet and social media with a quest for a military regime. Democracy tenets are beyond their ethics and ethos. One of them Adamu said "democracy have done harm than good to Nigeria", imagine that devilish thought?

Sometimes I don't blame them because in their culture as people's way of life, they abhor critical criticism. That's why an Emir will wake up and say "all of you will die", they'll reply without hesitation "Okay sir". Nobody will ever ask "sir, why must we die"?

The above behavioural circumstances were one of the reasons why Britain handed over power to Hausa-Fulani in order to maintain the master-slave relationship. They're puppets to Britain used to culminate issues for Britain, no Biafran will ever accept an agreement devoid of critical examination.

Can you imagine a supposed president of a country, Muhammadu Buhari went to the US for UN meeting and signed the Paris Treaty without going through the documents and weeks later, the minister of finance, Kemi Adeosun started accusing foreign powers of blocking Nigeria from using coal powered power plants. Buhari signed the agreement without knowing what the content of Paris Treaty.

Which president in the world does that? Which kind of president would  be so daft to do such a thing? even if Mr. president is too busy to go through the document, what happened to his aides?
The other day president Buhari read out a plagiarised speech handed to him by one of his aides and few days later he said he will punish them.

Nigeria has failed in different angles, squares and spheres. Nigeria has fulfilled three out of four characteristics of a failed state which include inability to provide public services, Erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions, inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community and loss of control of its territories.

As a failed state, democracy will be far-fetched. The first, last and least solution is disintegration. Whether achieved peacefully or otherwise, the most important thing is Lugard's factory "Nigeria" is no longer existing.

Editor: Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers
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