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From the evening of Tuesday 11th of October, 2016 through the evening of Wednesday 12th day of October, 2016 Biafrans all over the world observed a wholehearted fasting and prayer in accordance with the Jewish traditions and systems of atonement.

The atonement commenced in various locations of worship at homes, synagogues and centres at 6pm on Tuesday and prayers were prayed unto the creator of heavens and earth till 6pm of the next day.

Fasting and prayer as is often observed by people is a time when people humble themselves before their creator to ask Him for mercy  and forgiveness for wrongs done.

Atonement is a time usually once a year, according to Jewish traditions when worshippers humble themselves in fasting and prayer in order to atone or propitiate for their sins, iniquities and wickedness and afterwards obtain mercy and forgiveness.
Any sin committed before then would have been blotted out during the atonement.

Biafrans have been observing this yearly atonement as directed by the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu. And this year's atonement was also observed accordingly.

In one of the locations of the atonement in Ahiara Mbaise, Biafra land, the atonement was conducted by Elder Eze Elemchi, a High Levitical Priest from Emekuku Okwu Emeke Biafra land.

According to the high priest, "Atonement is beneficial to a man because it's a time when the creator judges and punishes those who engaged in wickedness but showing mercy and forgiveness to those who atone for their sins."

When asked what to expect after the atonement, the high priest said, "Having done what our father asked us to do, we are to expect prosperity, strengthening, frustration of all evil devices of our enemies against us,  the creator becoming an enemy to our enemies hence fighting our battles."

When asked about Biafra, he said, "Biafra is the prophecy of the creator when He said in the Holy Book that "He who scattered Israel shall gather him again", and Biafra is a part of the lost tribes of Israel which will be gathered by the Almighty."

He continued: "That is the reason why everything practised in Biafra land before the Europeans came to Biafra was in accordance with the Jewish traditions".

"The spiritual signals and signs I receive from the creator show that Biafra will come before the end of this year even as we continue in fervent prayers unto our creator for His grace because suffering is too much."

Concerning the atonement, one of the Mbaise IPOB leaders said, "This is what we are commanded to do according to the law. And I expect forgiveness of our sins even as we can see Biafra around us and our leader's freedom imminent."

Ogu Edozie Williams
Reporting for IPOB writers
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