Nigeria sinking

By Chinwe Korie
27 October, 2016

As the recession in Nigeria under the watchful eyes of President Mohamadu Buhari continue to devastate the economic activities in the country, citizens are not left out as hunger and frustration are evidently showing on peoples' face across the country. Those in the political and corperate establishments are equally feeling the bitter pills as businesses are closing down, and as a result, a skyrocketing retrenchment amidst some deafning statistics of unemployment rate. Even as these unfavourable economic environment points to the total collapse of the country, some of the President's kinsmen are not bothered as long as the political power is still tighly in their hands.

Below is an interaction between old-time friends as they ran into themselves as narrated by one of them from the East.


I ran into one Alhaji Galadinchi who held from Gusau, and is the sponsor of the 'Community Eyes Examination' and a relation to Mohamadu Buhari so to say. He was with his four sons, two daughters, two wives, a cousin of his and one police orderly.

I have known Galadinchi from Anwgarimi Kaduna state many years back; he called me for the job because doctors that were scheduled to do the work from Umuahia and Aba had turned down the offer, having collected some money Galadinchi now relied on me for assistance.

After tests and subsequent treatments were administered on his children and wives, he allowed them to leave, but both men waited behind until I finished my lunch, time was exactly 12:45 pm Wednesday 14th September 2016.

As we settled down to discuss old and new time events we had together, Galadinchi quickly said; please, doctor whatever we discussed here should remain within us as friends knowing me from beginning as an inquisitive person.

I concurred and quickly fired the first salvo, please note that only Galadinchi's name will be mentioned in this article, while Mohammad Buhari's friend or relation will be known here as B/A.

My first question went to Alhaji Galadinchi; Sir, what does change mean to an average northerner?

He answered by saying; I'm not a politician, but in my understanding, change means APC snatching political power from PDP.  May be B/A  will give a better answer having been in politics for a long time.

But you have been very close to politicians here in the north and what have the masses of the north gained having been in control of both military and civilian power close to 40 years and still counting?

Alhaji Galadinchi sad; doctor, let me be honest with you, we have gained Abuja as federal capital of Nigeria far away from Lagos, Yoruba man's land. Again, if Nigeria is holding national security meetings, mind you sometimes only heads of States attend it, two heads of state - Ernest Shonekan and Olusegun Obasanjo from the South West, while only Goodluck Jonathan will represent the whole of South East and South South put together, is that not gain? Look, the whole world recognised the north as Nigeria, that is why any head of state comes to the north, and some don't even know that the South exist.

How did all you have mentioned affect the poor northerners in a positive way?

You see, for example, President Jonathan came to the north pretending to build almajiri schools. Meanwhile, the school is meant for all the poor children in Nigeria especially the Southeast and South South, because, they don't have land or will Jonathan build the school on top of water? No, doctor answer me, our poor people are gaining; there is food everywhere to the extent we are sending food to Igbos and to Yorubas.

Doctor, can you tell me you have not eaten the yam Hausa man produces or the carrots and tomatoes Fulani man grows? Now that we have regained power, look at all the appointments president Mohamadu Buhari made so far, be it in the military or in the civil service, all are wise educated and able northerners, because Mr President said it openly that he did not see any qualified Igbo man/woman or Yoruba man/woman to fill those positions, hence he chosed from the north and the south started complaining; Buhari do this Buhari do that, is the north not gaining? On that note Alhaji B/A burst into laughter.

I then switched over to Alhaji B/A: Sir, you are itching to say something?

Yes doctor Benjamin, many people misunderstood Buhari, but I can tell you, Mohamadu Buhari takes no order from anyone he is very educated and runs this government for the interest of all Nigerians.

But Alhaji B/A please, my question is this, if all you said is anything to go by, why is it that Nigerians are dying like fowls under Buhari's watch?

Two things are destroying Nigeria, and they are; politics and religion, the north want political power which we got before, and now, the South should be contented with any appointments given them after all, leadership is best in the hands of those who know how to lead.

What do you mean by that?

B/A answered; do you think the British who gave the north the power are stupid? They know our capability, remember as at independent, the north was regarded as backwards in everything, but in that backwardness, we got leadership power above those who claim to know everything. When the British left, they kept their eyes on us the northerners to see if we will disappoint, but we didn't, that is why they are pulling the whole world to recognise the North as the only viable region that will protect their interest. As educated as Buhari is, he came to power in 1983 or there about to rebuild Nigeria, Babangida and Sani Abacha overthrow his government put him into prison for three years, since then till 2015 when he came again Nigeria was nowhere in the world.

Was Buhari jailed by Abacha wrongly or rightly?
Because, what brought about his overthrow is playing out once again, permit me to refer to Abacha's coup statements, quotes: we cannot stand by and watch General Mohamadu Buhari, and Tunde Idiagbo destroy every fabric of Nigeria economy to the extent of sentencing a citizen of Nigeria up to 250 years imprisonment, Buhari is power drunk and have to give way. Don't you think the best Buhari got since coming into power in 2015 is zero economy? Though Abacha is dead Babangida and others is still alive, maybe somebody somewhere will do something to rescue the economy again?

B/A: Does something like what?

I mean the army or some people will stand up and kick him out of Aso Rock

B/A: and who will take over from him?

I don't know, but maybe they will put somebody from Igbo land as you can see, the south-east and the South-south have united to call the northern bluff, in fact, they want to restore the independence of Biafra that was on hold 45 years after the civil war ended?

B/A: this is a good question doctor, Benjamin, if that is the case, Buhari is a smart guy, he will make the offer to the Igbos before his enemies strike again or even contemplated on removing him from power.

The signs and Buhari's body language does not tow the line of your thought, if not, why is he allowing the Army, DSS, Police, and Fulani herdsmen to kill Biafrans at homes, schools, offices, churches and farmland, nobody have been arrested ever since then, massive abductions, secret arrest and executions of innocent Biafrans are still ongoing, it seems he is doing the biddings of some  foreign Islamic government?

B/A: as I said Buhari is not a push over, he controls people not the other way round, and let me tell you, some southerners in collaboration with the North may have a hand in all the killings going on throughout Nigeria except Boko Haram that is purely fighting for religion.

America, France, EU, have all rejected sending weapons to Buhari because the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB raised an alarm that Buhari is using the weapons to kill innocent Biafrans pretending to use it in the fight against Boko Haram,  while he is deploying troops upon troops to Niger Delta area of Biafraland

B/A: we can get arms from Pakistan, all the Islamic Arab nation can give us arms, ours is just to ask, by the way, what is different between American gun and Pakistani bullets? They are the same they are all used in the killing. Therefore, it makes no different whether America supply us with arms or not it does not stop Buhari doing what he wants to be done.

Nigeria have never fought an external war, they cannot even defeat Boko Haram, even Bakasii Peninsula was freely handed over to Cameroon without a fight?

B/A: it was a Yoruba man that did it, Olusegun Obasanjo sold Bakasi, for a peanut to the western world, not Cameroon, You can now see the reason the north have sworn that Yoruba man will never again rule Nigeria.

What happens if you wake up one morning and hear that Biafran independence has been declared, what will the north do with the Yorubas?

B/A: They will remain under the leadership of the north until we are certified that they will not sell us to our enemies, if it will take five thousand years so be it, Tinubu wanted to try Buhari, but we have shown them that we are capable. The north only needs a person like Mrs Okonjo Iweala to handle some aspect of Islamic banks.

Alhaji Galadinchi your final question: seeing that the Igbos control Nigeria economy, the evidence is immediately after the arrest and detention of Dr Kanu and subsequent bombings of oil facilities in the riverine area of Biafraland, will you plead with them to stay back in Nigeria?

Ans: Let me tell you the truth if I am a Biafra I'll not stay back, reason is that the peace we did not get for all this year is it now? Yoruba man will Change not to betray the Igbos? The only advice I'll give is that, after boundary demarcation or adjustment, the Igbo's will still come and buy our food, because they like the business and not farming.

B/A cuts in, listen, doctor, there is no need to divide Nigeria, is it not that small boy Buhari detained that is shouting Biafra, Biafra, everywhere? Buhari will soon leave him, and I bet you after that, this issue of Biafra will be finished. Or if they insist let them go, we shall see how they will survive in that small place they occupy.

Thank you, Doctor, for coming, Alhaji Galadinchi is your friend, what he told me about you I'm impressed keep it up. Bye bye. Sorry, are you going to Lagos so soon? I responded, tomorrow but will return anytime my assistance is needed. Bye.

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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