This October 3rd to 7th; Biafrans and friends all over the world will commence another round of phone campaign to officials of United States of America (USA); European Union (EU) and United Nation (UN).

                Consistency is the key to achievement and whilst it defines determination, the People of Biafra and friends of Biafra all over the globe must know that this call campaign is a major contributor to the restoration of Biafra and freedom of illegally detained leader of the people of Biafra. Biafra restoration is about saving humanity in this part of the world, it is about fighting injustice, fighting crime against humanity and restoring justice where it was vehemently denied. This Biafra-call campaign is a remarkable tool in fighting secretly sustained genocide against a free and law-abiding people of Biafra. The world must hear the moaning of the battered people of Biafra, the screaming of the innocent children being slaughtered on a daily basis. Biafrans and friends of Biafrans must step up the phone call campaign this time around and tell their stories and call for justice, for help and for the safety of humanity in this part of the world.

                The trial of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has shown the level of crime being perpetrated against the people of Biafra. While the military sustains the genocide ordered by the President of Nigerian in the person of Muhammed Buhari the judiciary has sustained its own attack orchestrated by the President. The resignation of Justice John Tsoho is the second trial Judge to pull the plug. The first trial Judge left the case after his order for Kanu to be released was flouted by the President and subsequent declaration by the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra that he has no confidence in Nigerian courts. The former who recently resigned as a result of corruption; he made a ruling on a day and instead of move on the next day with his verdict, he overruled himself to serve the interest of the President of Nigeria.

                Justice has been denied on the people of Biafra in all works of life, ranging from political to judicial establishment in Nigeria. Even when the people stand to oppose or peacefully protest to push for justice and their right; they are shot and crushed, no dissent voices but slaves that should remain quiet in the face of tyranny. As the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra continues to be incarcerated without the law; it is pertinent to know that it is on the orders of Buhari that Nnamdi Kanu is imprisoned and not by the law of the land. In 21st century is a prisoner of conscience, a man the law freed but a State power held, making it clear that there is no law in Nigeria. There is the need to call the attention of the world on the plight of a free people; there is need to call the awareness of the world on what is going on in Biafra. Biafran people as species of terror have become a thing of great concern, the responsibility of the world to save its kind.

                Amnesty International had continued to raise alarm over what is going on in Biafra but the world pertinent authorities have kept mum while rights are trampled. Ranging from dictatorial tendencies against Biafra to the execution of innocent people of Biafra; the act of State terror is immense that the voice of Amnesty kept echoing for action. Biafrans and friends of Biafrans must take this opportunity to call out and force authorities into action. Unarmed and law-abiding people of Biafra must not be allowed to be extinguished but crime against humanity being perpetrated on them addressed by means of calling the awareness of the world through this campaign.

                Meanwhile, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu committed no crime as it is obvious that UN 2007 charter on the rights of Indigenous People lawfully backed the agitation by Nnamdi Kanu. The agitation which has been peacefully and lawfully followed ought to receive admiration but bigotry drove Buhari into arresting and detaining Kanu notwithstanding the court orders that released him. The continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu is at the verge of snowballing into a serious crisis that will worsen the refugee crisis being suffered all over Europe and this is one of the reason Buhari must be compelled to respect the law and release Nnamdi Kanu.

                This current situation in Biafra land is to form part of the message in the phone campaign to the US, EU and UN officials. Biafrans and friends of Biafra all over the world are expected to be part of this campaign. Everyone is to call and declare to them the plight of Biafrans and why they should help to save the souls of Biafrans (SOS). 

The numbers to call are Us Congress direct number +1 202_224_3121 & +1 202_225_4316 United Nations Office at Geneva +4122_917_4635 Time to call is (3pm to 11pm Biafran Time) 

Biafra is going places, and there is nothing the enemies can do about it. Use the following prompts when you call: “Hello, my name is (--------); I’m calling to appeal to the President (or the relevant government official) to: 

1.            The courts seems to be unable to address Nnamdi Kanu’s case as he has no case to answer, but Buhari has persistently influenced the Judges which has visibly affected dispensation of justice. Nnamdi Kanu has lasted one year and counting in prison without trial. Ask them to help in working to free the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu – the prisoner of conscience. Tell them how he was illegally abducted for exercising his right under United Nations rights of Indigenous peoples and self-determination.

2.            Investigate the numerous reports by Amnesty International bothering on continued arrest, execution and State kidnap by Nigeria Police and military; and to punish those found to have played a part in committing the atrocious act.

3.            Plead with them to force Nigeria forces of occupation – the military and Police – as well as to stop the Buhari led Nigerian government to stop the murder of Biafrans, released of all unlawfully arrested and kidnapped Biafrans.

4.            Tell them that Biafrans are no longer protected by the law and seen as species of terror which makes it unhealthy or poses threat to their existence in Nigeria. That Biafrans are looking up to them, to use their good offices in helping for the restoration and independence of Biafra.

(Thank you!) Support the restoration and independence of Biafra. (Thank you!)

US Gov’t, United Nations Office at New York.  Time to Call 
(3 pm to 11 pm Biafra Time)
United Nations Secretary General: Ban Ki-moon
+1 212 963 1234
President Barack Obama, White House
+1 202 456 1111
US Congress Direct Number
+1 202-224-3121 & +1 202 225 4361  
US Senate Foreign Relations Committee
+1 202 224 4651
US House Committee on Foreign Affairs
+1 202 225-5021
Republican Majority Leader: Kevin McCarthy
+1 202-225-4000
Democratic Minority Leader: Nancy Pelosi
+1 202 225-0100
Republican Majority Leader: Mitch McConnell
+1 (202) 224 2541
US C-span
+1202 737 3220

EU, United Nations Office at Geneva. Time to Call (9 am to 5 pm Biafra Time)

European Parliament (Brussels)
+32 2 28 49013
European Parliament (Brussels)
+32 2281 6111
European Parliament (Strasbourg)
+333 8817 4001
European Parliament (Brussels)
+322 28 42111
United Nations Office At Geneva
+4122 917 4635
United Nations Office At Geneva
+4122 917 1140
United Nations Office At Geneva
+4122 917 2127

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