The nostalgia of the worldwide campaign or rally observed by the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, on Friday September 23, 2016 has not only ceased to captivate, invoke and resurrect the memories of the 'Dream Land' called Biafra in the conscience of humanity across the globe; it has also grabbed the shivering Aso Rock- the tyrannical government of Nigeria at a very deadly spot, as it is now transparent and indisputable to them that they have just dragged an entire country into the middle of a hurricane that has the power to stir up the rages of the sea and the venom of the winds, just at a command.
The strong force of the Indigenous People of Biafra, more powerful than the great empires of old, characterised with divinely ordained infallible walls, and beautified with all manner of civilisation; has inarguably reached the peak of a modern day liberation struggle.
Across over 90 countries of the world, the presence of Biafra was felt by all and sundry. The Biafran flag intimidated the Nigerian flag in the presence of the international community, and the world was alerted of the resurgence of an unrepentant 'Tyrant' in Nigeria.
Anytime men of good conscience across the world sees the Biafran flag and a Biafran activist, a miracle always happens; the integration would be so rapid that the facets of inferiority that has downgraded blacks or Africans would be immediately thrown into the dustbin of history.
Right there in Germany yesterday, the security officials assigned to hundreds of Biafrans holding protest rallies in Bonn, couldn't resist the urge to take photographs with the activists. Prior to the incident, scores of IPOB members from Iserlohn Germany who were heading to join other members at Bonn, had narrated how they miraculously boarded a free train after distributing their flyers and magazine to the Comptroller of the train, who offered to take them to their destination without paying a dime of the supposedly extra charges of not less than €400.
International English and French media have been awash with news and telecasts of the global IPOB protest, as even a national television in Ivory Coast televised the rally of hundreds of IPOB members in Abidjan.
Over 20 million exiled Biafran activists in over 90 countries of the world were greeted with cheers and delight by citizens of their host countries and they march out in their numbers in solidarity with the indefatigable leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who has been incarcerated by the Nigerian government since October 14, 2015.
The world continues to stand still for Biafra, having known the indispensability of Biafra restoration and its unquestionable importance to the total emancipation of Africa, and eradication of corrupt and dictatorial regimes.
Moving away from the global inflammation of Biafra; somewhere in Nigeria, a record was broken, a spell of disunity conquered and power was glittering at the doorstep of the people as Biafrans staged the most powerful protest 21st century has ever seen in Biafra land and environs.
This time, it is not the usual street protests, as the carnivorous security agents positioned to "shoot-at-sight" were utterly disappointed as they found themselves to be the only homo-sapien wandering the empty streets of Biafra land.
The "SIT-AT-HOME" protest as Biafrans tagged it was nothing short of "Awesome" according to an American activist who couldn't resist the temptation of appreciating the intelligence of such an earthquaking protest.
Ever busy bridge Head Onitsha deserted
The Nigerian government and their media henchmen were deeply unsettled. They never believed that the ever congested River Niger bridge could be as empty of vehicular and human movements as it were on September 23, 2016. They never believed that the entirety of Onitsha markets and environs- the heart of commerce in Biafra land could be transformed into something similar to a graveyard just because of one man called Nnamdi Kanu. They never believed that the Port-Harcourt, Enugu, Aba, Yenogoa, Asaba, and others could shut down for the sake of a man who sends spines down the veins of corrupt and dictatorial Nigerian politicians even while in chains. Compromised Nigerian media outlets resorted to twisting the success of the sit-at-home protest by prooflessly claiming that its compliance was partial.
Nevertheless, the whole world stood in awe as Nigeria completely became divided on September 23, between those loyal to the indomitable Nnamdi Kanu's Biafra restoration mandate; and those loyal to the sinking ship of Buhari's one Nigeria.
The Nigerian government no longer needs an interpreter to tell them the magnitude of tsunami that will besiege Nigeria should any harm or scratch befall Nnamdi Kanu in the course of his incarceration.
The Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani oligarchs were even more surprised at how drastic their divide and rule strategy has been completely destroyed.
Nigeria completely doffed her hat to the ever resilient Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB leadership.
It is now certain to all and sundry that Nnamdi Kanu is a man of his destiny; incarcerating him can only compliment his divine ordination and mandate because Nigeria has come to the end of the road.
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