BIAFRA: Mazi (Dr.) Nnamdi Kanu has shown to ends of the entire Universe that the restoration of Biafra is a divine mandate and will never neither be buried, stopped, destroyed nor quenched than delayed. On that very day, he was kidnapped which marks yesterday a year and one day, counting from 14th of October 2015 till date, it appeared as all hope for darling nation Biafra was lost, buried and forgotten but to our surprise, the hero in Prophet remained kindled.
Well brutalised, tortured, imprisoned and denied assess to Prince Jr., family, friends, and natural/fundamental Rights yet he remained resolute even before his deadly enemies. That faithful night Mohammed Buhari DSS agents took him to animal dungeon just for him to denounce and renounce Biafra quest but he defeated their brutalities and tortures even as Biafran flag was still in his hands reminding him of millions of Biafrans under captives of the enemies in Nigeria he needed to save.

That faithful hour he was granted bail to live like other human beings but was also denied assess to fresh water nor enough food and movement. He did not shout, he did not cry, he did not limit his faith for Biafra restoration, and he did not resort to unprecedented cheap negotiations rather he demanded to be kept in prison outside being a prisoner of conscience. What a man that he remained fearless even when shots are fired at him, grenades were thrown at him, he still recites Biafra Anthems before his enemies.
He has made sufficient sacrifice and is enough to remind him Kanu that we Biafrans are happily behind him, to boost his morale, keep his commandments and remain united. Biafra quest at this point is clear enough to be tagged a fraud if should in case there are ones still languishing in illusions. Souls have gone, sacrifices have been made, and spirit needs to be high to withstand the evil pressures coming from our enemies camp.

By the look of things, is now obvious we are fighting the regional battle, and it must be seen as such. For Nigeria government to fix Kanu's case hearing the same date ECOWAS case is being set showed that Buhari and his Northern brothers are on the show and it has also been confirmed by Aisha Buhari that same unknown face has hijacked the government of Buhari. Cabals are trying to achieve their Northern agenda through the government of today paddled by their brother Mohammed Buhari, and it will be an envious obstacle if Nnamdi Kanu will stand as an Obstacle to their quest. Part of it is Islamization and control of power.

Is right time to say is good for all Biafrans to give Nnamdi Kanu their support to shape tomorrow's hope of our children to better and best stand If Buhari will be quick to reduce his wife Aisha Buhari to kitchen as an office and living room as sex slave and other rooms as nothing because she tried to reveal some suspicious movements around power corridor, how much more Biafrans trying to deny opportunity of power-over-rest agenda?
Niger Delta this and Niger Delta that is a pure distraction. If we will divide our force this far, that means we are weak to understand the coalition of troops Northern men is building with other Islamic nations to doom us.

By Prince Richmond Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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