BIAFRA: My dear Niger Delta siblings have ignorantly forgotten the danger ahead of them, and they have dozed off, slumbering while the northern caliphate in the form of the military takes them one after the other. They have forsaken their originality and has taken up a different identity worthless in meaning. I often cry and mourn for those who has in one way or the order lost their lives, their loved ones or valued property because of their ignorance. Not fewer that two days ago, some military men shot dead two indigenes of Okarki, for nothing. These two young men were not seen stealing, they were not criminals, they were not Boko Haram members, they were not members of the opposition party of the ruling APC government. They were not kidnappers, they were not armed robbers, they were neither law breakers nor house paedophiles.
One would imagine or wondered what would have warranted such gruesome killing of two innocent young stars. Well, it will interest the world to know that the victims, by name Okowu Wisky and Izu Joseph, were non-violent people who met their sudden death at the spot. Izu Joseph was a football player with the Shooting Star football club in Ibadan before his premature death. He was said to have visited his hometown before the usual brutality of the Nigerian Army emerged, this time with a different strategy, of which claimed his dear life. The deceased, to some, were heroes, and to some, were breadwinners. But the Nigerian army has sent them to their early graves, without remorse nor pity. According to eyewitnesses, they were surrendered by the zoo army, and they were shot instantly, amid the identity card, which Izu Joseph showed them, signifying that he is a footballer. They shot aimed the bullet at them and went their ways since they have nothing to regret.
Where are those who are calling themselves Niger Delta? Where are those who have been brainwashed that their Igbo brothers or any other clan were their problem and enemy? Where are those who distance themselves from the Biafra struggle, claiming that Biafrans only wants their oil? Now the question is, if you so believed that Igbos and other clans from Biafra are your enemies, how many times have you seen or heard that Igbos invaded your lands, and killed your people? Who are killing you today? Of course, no other people that those who told you to avoid your people. The same people that separated you from your people, and gave you a meaningless name, which they can't even defend. This is the strategy they used on you only to have access to your mineral resources. Have you seen what your ignorance caused you? Two innocent stars gunned down, for no crime committed, while looters, fraudsters, criminals, are guarded and seen walking freely with impunity.
This is a big lesson to you Niger Delta. Wake up, for they have surrendered you. They have killed and maimed enough! Stand up, and join your family, which is Biafra. Open up your eyes, because tomorrow might be your turn. Get up, let's fight and stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity to our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Now is the right time, not tomorrow. Boko Haram members who have killed and wasted innocent lives and properties are freed. Not less than 1000 Boko Haram members have been released by the paedophile in power, President Muhammad Buhari. Nut they come down to our land, kill us, rape our wives, abuse our young daughter, they destroy our farmlands, and take our resources free of charge, only to use the money against us. I see this as a cowardice act. Where are those who are well learned? Where are those who claimed to be the best scholars? Now is revolution time.
Arise! Oh, ye so-called Niger Delta, for if you ignore this warning, it means you are doomed forever. Remember those who died? What about our wives who has been raped? Our children forceful converted to Muslims, why the intimidation, why the harassment? Let's join hands together, and fight for what is rightfully yours. It's our heritage, our possession, and our right. Wake up now, for tomorrow may be too late.

Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers.
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