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October 20, 2016.

By Monday Joseph

It's a season and time Biafrans had long waited for, our great grandparents up to this fourth generation of ours had been waiting for, a day, season or time when the trans-generational questions in the lips of Biafrans  will be answered, when Chukwu abiama himself will finally deliver us from this lugardian contraption called Nigeria, when our struggle and tears will be rowed away, when the chains of slavery and marginalization will finally fall off our neck as a people.

The time has come when this abominable, illegal and bloodsucking union called Nigeria will be disintegrated and obliterated from the world map, it's finally the time when the people of Biafra will be set free from the destructive grip of Pharaoh and their land restored.

It all started on the 14th of January 1914, when Fredrick lugard and his harlot wife flora lugard, decided to lump the indigenous nationalities inhabiting this entity called Nigeria today prior to their coming. The four major nationalities inhabiting this geographical enclave called Nigeria today were : the Arewas, Oduduwas, The bight of Benin and the bight of Biafra. These nationalities were unique religiously, politically and otherwise.

While the Arewas were 100% Islam and feudal in nature, the Oduduwas were monarchical, the bight of Benin were traditional and Biafrans were republicans in nature. Not just that, our  value systems were divergent and at one another's throat. Biafrans are 100% Christians even before the white man came.

Upon seeing all these religious and cultural diversities, the British government, obviously possessed with exploitative spirit and arrogant of power, went ahead and lumped these vulnerable indigenous nationalities together, unanimously, without seeking their consent.

Ever since then, it has been one problem after the other, not only were we handed over to the Northern Islamic caliphate  but we were also used as a sacrificial lamb to preserve the concocted marriage that has refused to work over the decades.

Biafrans, like the Israelites in the hands of Egyptian Pharaoh, were agonizing and praying to our God (Chukwu abiama) for rescue, hoping that some day in the future unknown, our God (Chukwu okike abiama) will come down to our rescue from this British experiment called Nigeria, even as he did it to the Israelites after 430years in the hands of Egyptian Pharaoh.

First, second and third generations of Biafrans had gone through this bondage until now the fourth generation, Chukwu abiama, in his usual miraculous way have appeared to wipe away the tears of his people, to deliver his people and the land of Biafra from an Islamic occupation, and he graciously sent his servant Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to undertake this sacrosanct task of delivering his people from the zoo called Nigeria.

The achievement so far of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB is buttressing my claims.

Biafra has become an anthem on the lips of all and sundry world over, you either report about Biafra as a media outfit in the zoo called Nigeria or You become a moribund, Biafra in the national assembly, Biafra in aso rock Abuja and Biafra everywhere.
Biafra restoration project is a hallowed project from God, and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had been assigned to undertake the task.

warning to all saboteurs,  they that think that Biafra can be traded with money, the governors from Biafraland, ohana Eze Ndi Igbo, and all of you the political opportunists, Biafra is bigger than all of you, it's a moving train, you either stay out of the way or you will be grounded to powder.
The divine injunction must stand, Biafra land must be restored, and we the indigenous people of Biafra has decided to take our destiny into our hands, we have come to restore our nation, and there's nothing Abuja or Mohammed Buhari can do about it.

Also, it's a clarion call to all Biafrans world over to stand up and be counted, be a part of this great chariot and wind of restoration that is blowing through the nooks and crannies of Biafraland. We will either join hands together restore our nation as one or perish together as fools. We must rally around our leader Mazi kanu, the one God sent, to restore our land.

Biafra is the only hope of Africa, it's the only light in a darkened Africa, we must strive now for the final push, our restoration is just around the corner.

Enough of bickering and fighting one another let's join force with our leader and restore our nation.
Biafra or nothing, it's either Biafra or death. We must continue!!

Edited and Published
By Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers
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