October 14, 2016

Today marks one year of Kanu's illegal detention by the Nigerian government, the defiant IPOB leader who was arrested in a Lagos Hotel on October 14, 2015. alongside two others.

Kanu has ever since been arraigned in court several times having seen the federal government refusing to release him as ordered by the magistrate court that earlier ruled for Kanu to be released on bail after meeting all the bail conditions.

Nigeria's president Gen. Muhamadu Buhari on December 30th, 2015.  in a media chat on national TV claimed that Kanu never came into the country with a passport, therefore, will not be released

Meanwhile, investigation says that entered the country with dual citizenship "British and Nigeria' , his two passports are recorded today to be in possession of the DSS and a few thousand pounds on him on the day of the arrest after he arrived from London and landed in Muritarla Muhammed Airport, Lagos, Nigeria.

 Mr. President consciously acknowledged that Kanu never entered the country with a valid document but have been proving today to be false as Kanu's case file and materials is with the court and this includes two stamped passports A British and a Nigerian and a few thousand pounds.

Therefore, Did Mr. President lied to Nigerians on national television?

By openly accusing Kanu wrongly and publicly announcing that he will not be released, despite a ruling from a competent court of jurisdiction, the Abuja magistrate court under justice Ademola who have recently been a victim of the crackdown on judges by the federal police (DSS).
Did the president just order a total crackdown on judges?

Nigeria has systematically slid back into a modern dictatorship under Muhammadu Buhari again, bringing back memories of the famous Buhari Era back in 1984 when he led a military coup against the democratically elected head of State Major General Aguiyi Ironsi the Military head of state on December 31st, 1983.

Following a successful coup, Buhari took over power and announced himself the new head of state using the barrel of a gun. That is treason!!

His few years regime before been overthrown by Gen. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida in 1986 was hell for Nigerians that they will never live to remember. we all remember the famous anti-indiscipline law and military force, disappearance, jail time and silencing was his trademark.

Buhari turned Nigeria into a private business of brutality and forceful enforcement of Tyranny and he is back again in 2015, certainly, Nigerians have not learnt their lesson. The man they have chosen to be president is nothing but a military dictator compared to the likes of Idi Amin of Uganda.
President Buhari may be denying his links to Boko Haram but his actions say differently, facts shows that Buhari has released over 80% of Boko Haram members arrested under Goodluck Jonathan , his latest after releasing the famous Kabiru Sokoto who killed thousands of people on Christmas day in 2011 Abuja church bombing, over 340 of the members have been recently released on the order of the president saying they have been pardoned.

Kanu is a prisoner of conscience, a man who have never committed any crime, he was only agitating for freedom following the international law as written in the 2007 UN charter on the rights of  Indigenous people and Self-Determination, he has done nothing wrong. he has never shot a gun, lift a machete or killed a soul, he whiter than white and whiter than snow. he was only preaching the word of freedom to his people via "Radio Biafra"  a radio station in London.

Kanu in one of his broadcast explained how corrupt Nigeria is, he gave facts and proofs why his Agitation for Biafra is real and Genuine, he also mentioned that Biafra is the last hope of the black race. He severally called Buhari a paedophile and challenged anyone to take him to court saying he have proof, this further put a foul smell on the face of Mr. President.

One year later after his arrest, where are we now?
Did Kanu's arrest quell the agitation? The answer is NO

Kanu who appeared at the Ecowas court last week  October 5th, 2016. was adjourned to November 8th, 2016. despite the federal government legal representatives failed to be present for the hearing amid a busy schedule and court case in Kaduna as claimed.
Kanu, nevertheless will appear again in November for a final verdict with or without the appearance of the  federal government legal representatives, Justice Friday Nwoke of the Ecowas court Abuja said.

As these events unfolds, Biafrans are hoping for Justice for their leader, Nigeria has proven to be a lawless state, where freedom of the judiciary is hanging on a cliff and the freedom of speech gradually alienating, the hope of the common man is being brutally abused. Buhari is Back!!

Democracy is dead in Nigeria, Lawlessness has taken over.
Now the judiciary is on the line, Where is Justice in Nigeria ?

Written by Uchechi Collins
Edited by Adaeze Nwachukwu
For IPOB writers
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