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October 20, 2016.

By Ogu Edozie Williams
The spirits behind ASO Rock  are shivering as the people of Oduduwa have woken up from their more than 100years of slumber.
The wall of Nigeria, like that of Jericho of old, is now soaked with undiluted acid and is waiting for the seventh day to fall down flat.

By the wall of Nigeria, I mean the guards, those protecting the territorial integrity of the failed Nigerian state which has an illiterate dictator as the president and the number one woman in the country as a kitchen attendant.

By the wall, I mean the politicians who are embezzling the wealth from Biafra land making the real owners beggars in their God-given land.

By the wall, I mean the political slaves in Biafra land who eat the crumbs from their masters'( Hausa/Fulani) tables at the detriment of their brothers and sisters.

Now that Oduduwa kingdom, at last, has gotten an eloquently strong voice; a David with his sling and stones; a Joshua to lead the Yoruba to the Promise land; a George Washington to lead the war, whether armed, peaceful or both, has come to the rescue of cowardly Yoruba people, let Fredrick Lugard and his people know that they could trick the Indigenous People of old but can not trick the young because they have decided to restore the status quo as it is clearly evident that the Nigerian experiment is destructive.

Needless to ask whether Femi Fani-Koyade has support from his people. A proverb says "A son sent to rob by his father breaks the door with his leg".

Common sense tells one that Nnamdi Kanu did not just start shouting on Radio-Biafra London without his people backing him. And since his arrest, such people backing him have remained increasingly resolute and more supports are rushing in.

Femi Fani-Kayode is the mouthpiece of a large number of Yoruba People and must have strong backbone without which Nigerian government under Buhari would have broken him down having been persecuted by the Presidency because of his vocality.

In his recent article titled "GOODBYE NIGERIA, WELCOME ODUDUWA REPUBLIC", Femi Fani-Kayode, after lamenting clearly how Nigeria is no more an abode for a normal human being, probably suitable as a forest for training animals, borrowed the Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB's slogan (Biafra or Death) to show how serious he and his people are.

In his words, he said, "I have had enough. I say goodbye Nigeria: give us Oduduwa or let us die."

Therefore, since Oduduwa has woken up from her deep slumber, every Biafran living outside the shores of Biafraland in Nigeria should prepare to come back before the wall of Nigeria falls on them.
A word is enough for the wise.

Edited by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers

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  1. The way God did it for Israel during the time of Pheroe is the same way he will do for his chosen people NDI IGBO.

  2. The way God did it for Israel during the time of Pheroe is the same way he will do for his chosen people NDI IGBO.

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