BIAFRA: If the world is in doubt about the criminal activities of armed forces sent by murderous jihadist Mohamadu Buhari, the picture you are seeing is not a Photoshop, neither is it a stage-managed Hollywood movie actions, but real illegal arrest, torture, brutality and man inhumanity to man. Time was 1:45 pm Saturday, 22nd October 2016 the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB were having a family meeting when Nigerian police stormed the venue armed to the teeth, they came not to issue and arrest warrant individually or collectively but to carry out an unprovoked attack on innocent members of world number one none violence Biafran agitators.
Family meetings are not banned in Nigeria, neither did the country's law forbids open or secluded prayers, the Biafran youths under attack dehumanisation, brutality and torture are all between the ages of 17-20 years of old.

We are humans, we are not animals, we are orderly in every aspect why have the world allow Mohamadu Buhari to use his Islamic Boko Haram agents, police, Army, Navy AIRFORCE and other units of armed forces to kidnap torture and kill IPOB families illegally? Buhari wants war, using Nigerians collectively efforts to effect an Islamic agenda.

Mohamadu Buhari is presently boasting of having a monopoly if violence because the indigenous people of Biafra chose to respect the rules of law locally and internationally.

We are telling the world that our patients are running out, Hausa/Fulani will come all the way from northern Islamic contraption called Nigeria to attract Biafrans in their homes, farmlands, churches, markets places and schools. Biafrans cannot walk the street without being arrested with one flimsy excuse or the other by Mohammad Buhari's Islamic agents.It is only a tree that will know it will be cut and still stand to wait to be cut. The leader of indigenous people of Biafra IPOB worldwide Dr Nnamdi Kanu is still being illegally detained even after the Nigerians court of competent jurisdiction granted him and others unconditional release.

Mohamadu Buhari bluntly refused to release him and other claiming to be Idi Amin of Uganda and Adolf Hitler of Germany, BUHARI has indeed surpassed the above names criminal records; one wonders what UN, United States and the European Union are waiting for before dragging him to the international court of justice in Hague Swizalland. Buhari's cup of iniquity is full and overflowing.
Nigerian Islamic government ruled by arch genocide, rapist and brain behind Boko Haram must release all IPOB family members in their detention and STOP FURTHER HARRASEMENT, KIDNAPPING, ARREST, TORTURE AND SECRET MURDER OF ( IPOB FAMILIES).All the citizens of the old eastern region of Nigeria now known and called Biafra are out to restore their God-given the nation of Biafra. MohamaduBuhari knows that he is fighting a lost battle, hence want to commit suicide by arresting children, pregnant women young boys and elderly ones in Biafraland.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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