Biafra : Nigeria  at 56: Why Doves Refused to Fly

For the second year, the dove refuses to fly, Why are the doves refusing to fly?
When we want to make a corrective point we don't try to be worse than those we intend to make see their ignorance or folly...
When the number one citizen already partitioned the nation on 97/5% basis, why do you use pathetic on the wrong people?
Buhari remains Nigeria's President and there is nothing anyone can do about it for now.

Not all Nigerians abhor Buhari and his actions and certainly not all northerners love him either
The onus lies on him to try and correct any perceived injustice or lopsidedness within the system at least to prove critics wrong and regain trust and belief for those that still believe in one Nigeria...

Most of us pray he succeeds despite his tyranny ideology because his failure would push us further down the global pecking order since we are still in the same entity...

I discovered that a lot of people use other tribes name to open social media accounts and post trash just to score cheap and disgusting political and tribal sentimental points to air their selfish point across...

Now this is where 'pathetic' comes in because we are fighting a just course which is genuine and sure because Biafra our new country is alive and nobody can succeed in sabotaging it this time despite all their deadly plans to silence the voice of righteousness which has been yearning for the freedom of the realisation of Biafran land.

This is Biafra the Israelites of Africa and what we stand for is the Truth and nothing else.
Biafra our hope... Biafra our new Nation...

By Timothy Uzochukwu Israel

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