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October 29, 2016.

By Chinedu Solomon

With great shock and engulf in a pool of tears when I came across a letter written by John Lennon returning MBE award given to him by Queen due to ‘Britain's involvement in Biafra war’. The letter valued for £60k by a celebrity auctions Julien’s Auctions, that's not my concern.

IBTimes UK published the letter on October 27th, 2016.

My tears maybe categorize as tears of joy and sorrow depending on the angle of visualisation. It is tears of joy in the sense that this letter surfaces at the needed time; a time when Britain is still supporting the  Nigerian Hitler  Muhammadu Buhari and celebrating killings of Biafrans. It is also tears of sorrow because British government sponsored the killings of innocent children in 1967-70 for love of black gold (crude oil)

The story of how this letter was discovered is still divine to me. “A draft letter written by Beatles star John Lennon to return his MBE has been valued at £60,000. The owner of the letter, who wishes to remain anonymous, recently discovered it in the sleeve of a record bought at a car boot sale 20 years ago”.

Before I will emphatically quote the author, it's very pertinent we state unequivocally that the British government has a date with truth.
That truth telling day will mark the end of a corrupt British Empire.

The massive lust for oil has led the British government to commit huge crimes against God and humanity by consciously sponsoring the most gruesome genocide after the Jewish Holocaust.

The letter by John Lennon reads; “I am returning this MBE in protest against Britain's involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam and Cold Turkey slipping down the charts.”

From the above letter, it's crystal clear that British government was the architect of Biafra genocide.

John Lennon having seen how Britain was in full gear to eliminate Biafrans from surface of the earth returned an honour given to him by Queen Elizabeth.

Member of the most Excellent order of the British Empire (MBE) is a great honour to be received from Queen. Evidence also shows that British government dropped the letter in the archive.

Every Biafran have the right to vomit venom against Britain. The British government was and still a stumbling stone to Biafra's freedom. Britain has used world media to concoct all sorts of propaganda against Biafrans.

If British government fails to get it right this time and redeem her already battered image,  time will come when Biafrans will have no option than to resist Britain's oppression fiscally.

Nigerian government shouldn't also bust in the euphoria of unrealistic orgasm for having succeeded in killing more than 3million innocent children and women to protect the British economic interest

I’m appealing to other countries of the world to condemn and if possible sanction British and Nigeria government for the heinous war crimes against Biafrans, The blood of innocent Biafran children starved to death as a result of the British sea and land blockade during the war is seeking for justice and will not rest in peace unless Biafra is restored.

With this evidence, every government should distance themselves from Nigeria; she is like a ‘Trojan horse’ that steal and destroys the image of any country they come in contact with.

I thank Chukwu Okike (God the Creator) for revealing the evidence at this particular point in time. Had it being that letter were discovered in Biafra land, the British government would have used BBC and CNN to bury it and call it trash.
Britain must understand that dealing with Nigeria of today will further send them down the drain, Nigeria and her president today is what they call "Dog poop".

Biafrans of today are a new breed; they are persistent, resilient and resolute than their ancestors who fought the bloody war that left over 3 million dead, This new generation would fight till the end and ready to do anything for Biafra's restoration.

Therefore, the British government should learn from their mistake and not repeat their evil actions in the past, besides this is the 21st century and an internet age unlike in the 60's when they were able to deceive world leaders about what "Biafra" actually represent.

Edited and Published
By Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers
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  1. Biafra freedom is all we biafrans need we can forgive all evil done against us

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