By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

At this very moment, Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian president and his fellow Northern terrorist leaders are feeling utterly frustrated. Their frustration comes from the fact that they have realized the impossibility of pulling Biafrans apart through divide-and-rule tactics. It was the tactics Britain thought them, which formed part of the strategies that gave them victory during the Biafra/Nigeria war.
But all that have changed. Things are different today; Biafrans are wiser; they can no longer be fooled. From Igala to Ibibio, Ijaw to Itsekiri, Igbanke to Idoma, Igbo to Ika, the people now know that the love Fulani people can have for other people, is the kind of love humans have for goat, which is the sweet taste of its flesh.

Right now, the frustration of the Northerner, especially the Fulanis, is showing from their last ditched efforts to achieve their aims. Realizing the inevitability of the failure that awaited them, Buhari told his fellow Northern killers (locusts and cankerworms) that Igbo-speaking Biafrans have created an international network, through which they have been making incontrovertible cases for Biafra restoration worldwide. From his interaction with the world, he knew it would be difficult to hold them in Nigeria much longer.

This was why he planned and commenced his current efforts: first, he unleashed his goons, members of the Nigerian Army and Police, to kill, intimidate and humiliate population; and second, through the bribing of uninformed and unstable Biafrans to speak against the Biafra and its restoration efforts by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Since IPOB launched its Biafrexit campaign throughout the world, Buhari and his “Northern Army” have also upped their propaganda and lies against Biafra and Biafrans. Such individuals as former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Obong Victor Attah were given free rein in the media to declare that their states and peoples were not part of Biafra. Even the likes of Delta State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa and other lily-livered Biafrans in Nigerian government, were forced to joined those claiming that their state and people were not part of Biafra.

Unfortunately for Buhari and his people, Biafran Writers of different shades and colour; Radio Biafra and Biafra Television took up the challenge to dismantle every lie and replace and replace it with the truth. As a result, the people have been standing solid for Biafra, thereby rejecting Nigeria to the annoyance of Buhari and his occupation army and police in Biafraland. This led to explosions in the number of Biafrans meeting in such states.

This was the reason for the spate of arrests and murder of Biafrans in such states outside Igboland, such as Bayelsa State, Cross River State, even non Igbo-speaking areas of Delta State. People have been killed or abducted by the police and army under whatever flimsy excuse they could find. That was how a footballer with Shooting Stars Sports Clubs (3SC) was shot dead few days, and several other murders that have been recorded. Also that was the brain behind the arrest of 44 members of IPOB in Bayelsa State, whose only offence was that they were having a meeting.

In spite of all these, Biafrans are standing their ground and rejecting the evil, illegal and expired contraption called Nigeria. Such educated individuals like Medical practitioner Dr. Thompson Akpabio of Annah LGA of Akwa Ibom have called Buhari’s bluff. They are speaking out boldly that they are Biafrans and can longer be deceived by the murderous Fulani led Northern Nigeria again.
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  1. How can you found a nation by shedding of innocent blood....who killed sadauna of sokoto, akintola and co? for this has brought a curse whether or not u like it ..that strangers will this tribe be known...until you become strangers you can never be happy