By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Muhammadu Buhari, President of the evil contraption (Nigeria) has just revealed the order side of him, which Biafrans have been highlighting for some time now, but which many world leaders have turned blind eye to. He did this recently by unleashing his Gestapo agents, operatives of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), to kidnap the wife of Femi Fani-Kayode’s wife and her eight month’s old baby.

This happened yesterday, Monday, October 17, when his wife had gone to her Access Bank branch in Ekiti State, to withdraw some money with her ATM card. Buhari’s EFCC agents stormed the bank and arrested and detained her and her baby at the bank. It took the intervention of the state governor, Ayo Fayose, to make sure they did not sleep there.

Biafrans have always warned some world leaders who had been fraternizing with the killer, Buhari, but they have turned deaf ears. Buhari is a man with the blood of hundreds of innocent women and children on his hands. These were people he massacred during Biafra/Nigeria war of 1967 – 1970.
Biafrans aptly told the world how Buhari, in the character of all Nigerian soldiers like Olusegun Obasanjo and Sani Abacha, went into a Catholic Cathedral at Owerri and massacred innocent women and children taking refuge there. The world was told how he led a group of soldiers that opened fire on Asaba indigenes who had come to welcome them with Nigerian flags.
Apart from these atrocities and war crimes, Buhari made recent statements that should the world leaders. One of such statements was this: “Igbos hate me because of what happened during the Biafran war … I don’t have any regret, and at such do not owe any apology to them, in fact if there is a repeat of the civil war again, I will kill more Igbos to save the country”. Buhari’s idea of saving Nigeria (the evil contraption) was to make sure that Biafrans’ legitimate aspiration of self-determination was denied. And he was ready to deny it with brute force.

He did not consider that Nigeria was an illegal contraption concocted by Britain in 1914, because the people were not consulted. Even at that, the instrument establishing the contraptions concedes that it would be a 100 years experiment. It meant that would have the right to reconsider being part of the contraption after 100 years. In other words, Nigeria had expired by 2014. Buhari did not consider this in his mad threats, neither did his international supporters like Barack Obama of United States of America (USA) or David Cameron, the then United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, bother to remind him. They went ahead and rigged him into power.

Well Buhari is a bully; and bullies are cowards. As he could not intimidate the husband, he went for the wife and baby. Obama and Cameron should be ashamed of themselves!
Now, Fani-Kayode’s wife has replied them. Read her: “All along I've been mute in the face of tyranny and political madness dished out on my husband Chief Femi Fani-Kayode and family from this government and the EFCC because it's not my fight to lead but this stops today as I am getting in the ring as well.

“Since 3/5/2016 I've been in your faces while you had my husband in your custody, and in all your stupid investigations I was not accused of anything till today? Haba! fear God! This account was opened in 2005 while I was in the university and has been dormant from 2013 till early last month when I had to activate it because you froze my other accounts with no explanations or invitation, yet this account holds nothing but 200k (N200, 000).

“So because of 200k (N200, 000) my son Aragorn and I were subjected to detention in a bank with the police and EFCC waiting like sharks. Thank God for Governor Fayose and the people of Ekiti because if they had not been there they would have bundled me and my son like animals and subjected us to God knows what.

“Had it not been for them, there would have been no word out on this matter. What a shame! This government and the EFCC are shameless to bring in women and children to the ring of their vendettas and fights. I'm not a politician or a contractor.
“I'm the apple of God's eyes so underrate me at your peril. Meanwhile I'm here and as strong as titanium.

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