October 23, 2016.

I called Nigeria a zoo but Nigerians call it propaganda

I respectfully wish to disagree with you because I would've thought that Propaganda is less sensationalism based correctly as you quite put forward on something that is right

If I describe Nigeria as a zoo, How many of you will disagree ???

How many of you will disagree with me when I say that Nigeria is a zoo Full of wild animals !!!

The only country in the world where an elected President is ruling like a dictator and nobody is saying or doing anything about it.

A country where a police officer will open fire on unarmed civilians or set up roadblocks to collect bribe from commuters using any means possible including force.

That sounds like a zoo to me!!!

A country where you ship in a container filled with legally approved products or items, a customs official will seize it and tell you that they have not seen your papers

That sounds like a zoo to me!!!

A country where somebody without an educational certificate will run for office and win, a country where the president forged his certificate, and no one is doing anything about it despite what the constitution says;
"You must have a certificate to run for any office "

That sounds like a zoo to me!!!

A state with abundant coal but cannot generate electricity
A state with a lot of crude oil resources but still import fuel

A state that has lawmakers who do not make laws but vote for furniture, Travel, Newspaper, wardrobes Allowances, which cost billions of naira to maintain

A state where the Army is on the streets with war weapons and uniforms taking bribe and molesting innocent citizens, or perhaps rape women, the Army opens fire on peaceful protesters killing hundreds

A state where terrorist herdsmen go around with herds of cattle brandishing AK-47 assault rifles, they kill and slaughter people like animals, they destroy people's farmlands, and no one is doing anything because the president is related to these herdsmen

A state where injustice and tyranny is normal, kidnapping, armed robbery and fraud is normal, a state where public fund embezzlement is normal

A state where there are no basic amenities of life and I mean no electricity, no water, no food, no good roads, hospitals and schools, civil workers are not paid salary for months, and the youths are unemployed but still Nigerians decides to be silent and live like its normal

That sounds like a zoo to me and not a propaganda because these things happen in Nigeria on a daily basis

The only democracy in the world where you are not allowed to protest unless you are protesting against the opposition, But if you protest against the government policy most likely you will be shot at or arrested, It is unbelievable, and it is unimaginable.

When you tell Nigerians that all of this is bad and not a normal way of life they do not understand because they don't care.

You be the JUDGE is Nigeria a Zoo ???

Written by Timothy Uzochukwu Israel
Edited by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers
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  1. The US is looking a lot like this under Obama!! So you're not alone!!