BIAFRA: I returned from North Kaneshi in Acra Ghana Friday, September, 30th 2016, I ran into a publication which was attributed to former central bank governor of the zoo called Nigeria. One expected to hear a pleasant news from such a prominent figure in Biafraland, I was highly disappointed reading through the price asking an illiterate certificate forger, paedophile and Islamic terrorist sponsor Boko Haram to release Dr Nnamdi Kanu on the basis that his detention had made him popular. How can such world acclaimed economist descended so low to become a boot licker of Mohamadu Buhari, what is happening to our elite Igbo Biafran brothers beats my imagination, Soludo is expected to stand up and be counted in Biafran restoration struggle, not the other way round.Both Dr Nnamdi Kanu and Charles Soludo are from the same alma mater, University of Nigeria Nsukka Enugu state, they are one of the best brains to come out of Biafraland, but now Professor Soludo has shot himself in the foot.

Permit me to remind Soludo that it took Mohamadu Buhari only 12 calendar Months to destroy that which he Soludo built in 5 years.
Within the same period of 5 years, Dr. Nnamdi Kanu rebuilt the faith of well over 70 million Biafrans worldwide whose hope of ever living a normal life again was dashed by the Islamic controlled government in Nigeria. Apart from general Chukwu Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, General Philip Effiong, general Achuzie and the host of others, no Biafran living or dead has achieved what Dr Kanu has achieved so far, and the record are there for all to see.
Charles Soludo having been battered and disgraced by the Islamic political mercenaries set up against him by his immediate successor ex-central bank governor Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi of Hausa/Fulani stock using PDP/APGA members because they are afraid of your imposing credentials, therefore,never want you to rise in Nigeria politically or socially beyond where you were retired as CBN governor. It is informative for you to know now that you were politically assassinated by northern Nigeria and their Yoruba conspirators/Igbo political jobbers and slaves of Islam in Biafraland. You are one of those best qualified to lead Biafran restoration project, but you were lured into the zoo called Nigeria politics by demons led by Tony Anenih, Olusegun Obasanjo, Pedophile Mohamadu Buhari, etc.
Buhari was not in PDP nor APGA yet as a Fulani man, yet he was the one who spearheaded your abysmal performance because he engineered the north to stop you and advice given him by your immediate successor Lamido Sanusi, they pumped money into Anambra PDP and APGA parties respectively, you were too hot for the north and they stupidly thought nobody like you knew to then again throughout Igboland. Hence, every effort was made to frustrate and kill your vision Igbo Biafrans. For avoidance of doubt, that ugly article published on 16 September 2013 clearly stated that your political structures have crumbled before your very eyes, why your backbone so to say, Tony Anenih who mischievously said he would change his name to read Tony 'ANENE' an Igbo name just to see that Anambara people voted for you actually added in your total downfall, by bypassing those more qualified and handpicked you, you played to the gallery, it was the worst political setup I have ever seen in history. You were born a man of due process, trained as a man of due process and worked for the Zoological Republic of Nigeria wholeheartedly as a man of the due process how come you suddenly become one of them forgetting your background? As I earlier said, the north set you up using all the southern Nigeria political idiots like Peter Obi, Okoro awusa and Tony Anenih.
You must remember Professor Soludo that they set you up again with EFFCC, when they felt uncomfortable with your clout, you were at the same time disqualified, and you went to court to challenge your disqualification right? Do you remember what the then chairman of all Progressive Alliance APGA Chief Victor Umeh said quote: even if Soludo goes to supreme court, his disqualification is a done deal off the quote. Remember also that Anenih was chairman board of trustees ( BOT) of PDP. Dr Nnamdi Kanu was already a wealthy man before God called him to embark upon this journey to the promised land.You are not in the class of those northern elements led by Buhari who brought you down, then why are you still dancing their drum beats? If you do not withdraw your steps and join in this Biafran restoration struggle then that is the end of you, Islam will finally slaughter you, eat your meat and chew your bones. How long will you continue to be a banana food for monkeys and baboons in the zoo called Nigeria?

The arrival of Dr Nnamdi Kanu to lead a people chosen by God was a joke and a shock to the Islamic northern Nigeria, you were expected to do this restoration job, that is why you cannot afford to be on the fence, Mohamadu Buhari have killed thousands your brothers and sisters, children, fathers and mothers and you Professor Charles Soludo cannot deny being in the know of atrocities being committed by Mohamadu Buhari and his foot soldiers in Biafraland. The indigenous people of Biafra IPOB worldwide ably led by Dr Nnamdi Kanu director of Radio Biafra are more formidable in the face of this extermination threat by the Islamic government led by Mohamadu Buhari. We have seen all therein to see, every living Biafran is walking corps in the zoo called Nigeria except Biafra independent comes. I implore you to ponder over this article and do the needfull because times are different. Work openly with dedication and greater commitments for the immediate and unconditional release of Dr Nnamdi Kanu and the rest of Biafrans languishing in detention prisons in Nigeria and the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. Nothing else matters, and nothing else counts except independent of this great emerging nation of Biafra. SHALOM.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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