Intelligence report reaching Biafra Choice Writers has revealed that Nigerian maximum ruler, Muhammadu Buhari, has concluded plans to take battle against the restoration of sovereign and independent State of Biafra to Biafrans in Diaspora. Buhari and some of his Northern colleagues swore to confront Indigenous People of Biafra’s (IPOB) in every country where they were strong.
The Intel revealed how they reached the decision at a recent meeting with some Fulani elders at his country home in Daura. At the meeting, they decided that since the strength of IPOB is from foreign countries, that the best strategy would be to confront them in those countries.
Our source revealed that they felt something should be done urgently because Biafrans were already succeeding in creating a dichotomy between Biafra and Nigeria in the minds of members of the international community. They felt that if such was allowed to continue, that it would not be long before some foreign governments begin to question the rational of the two peoples being forced together.
They felt it became necessary, especially as they were frantically seeking to find crude oil in the North and have not succeeded. They saw it as a way of bidding for time, as they already knew that Biafrans will eventually go one day.
After a lengthy deliberation, they came to the conclusion that the best strategy would be to find African youths (preferably Biafrans), who would be bought, and who would be ready to go to jail if caught, to commence terrorist activities in their countries of abode. They would be programmed to commit arsons, murders, and kidnappings, and claiming to be Biafrans if apprehended.
In continuation of the plan Nigerian government would ask for their deportation, and in the process ask for the deportation of others they would finger as potential trouble makers. When this happens, the government would free their agents and then apprehend the Biafrans.
Some of the countries where the plot is set to start in earnest include Dubai, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, France Malaysia, and others. When the opinions of Biafrans were sought on the matter, a great number of them thought Buhari and “his cohorts” were wasting their time and would fail.
They said it was unfortunate that Buhari and his Fulani kinsmen have not come to the realization that Biafrans were blessed people, created by God to survive every situation. They claimed that God always has a way of turning out every evil plans meted out against them to be good.
“They have forgotten they were the ones that chased us out of the country in the first place, with terrible conditions” said Henry Egbuchulam, who resides in France.
“Buhari does not know that he is foolishly ushering us into the next level of the struggle. He is helping us to emphasize to the world that we are Biafrans, and different from Nigerians. Let him deport us back home, and let him see hell let loose in that zoo!” he boasted.
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