By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Biafra Day of Atonement, which has become the rope that is dragging Nigeria to its deserved grave, was held by Biafrans all over the world recently. It ended a few hours ago. With its conclusion on Wednesday, October 12, there is no doubt that the accursed and abominable contraption called Nigeria, has started on the final journey to its abyss.
All over the world, in countries where Biafrans live, IPOB made sure it was held. In more than 88 countries of the world, prayers were made to Chukwu Okike, the creator of heaven and earth in Biafrans’ unique ways.

For 100 years, Biafrans have lived within Nigerian borders forced and held in it by the Fulani oligarchy, foisted on them by Britain since 1914. Biafra land has been under occupation since then by force of arms that even their attempt to exit in 1967 following a pogrom against them all over Nigeria. The people have never relented. They have been killed, imprisoned and massacred, but they have all remained ever true to their quest for freedom.

Nigerian government (in consort with Britain) have always stopped at nothing to massacre their youths; jailed those they could not kill; and their properties, either confiscated or destroyed. Currently, Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and hundreds of other Biafrans are in still behind prison walls all over Nigeria for demanding Biafra’s freedom. It is with these issues in mind, that Biafrans went into this year’s Day of Atonement.

Before this year’s exercise, the people believed that it would present the final nail on Nigeria’s coffin. Their reason for holding this position is simple, since the exercise started in 2013, they have seen it as being very efficacious in their Biafra restoration efforts. Yes, since it was introduced by IPOB, under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, Nigeria has been on a downward spiral to its final death, and they knew it. As a result, they learnt not to joke with it. As a matter of fact, that is why they it very serious every year.

They know how the North has, among other things, experienced earth tremors in Kaduna State, which is a state ruled by one of the greatest Islamic terrorists of present day Nigeria, Governor Nasir El-rufai. Locust had descended on parts of Sokoto State, and devastated their farms. Thunder has killed hundreds of cattle in Nasarawa States, and Biafrans saw all these as result of their yearly atonement exercise.

In addition, Nigeria has gone down into recession as governments – both central, states, and local – owes months of workers’ salaries. The country’s currency, the Naira, has finally collapsed, exchanging for about 497Naira to the Dollar. But before this time, it used to revolve around 179 to the Dollar. So Biafrans have been in no doubt that their yearly Day of Atonement was responsible for the downward spiral of the country into the abyss.

They were not surprised that the wife of Nigeria’s President, Aisha Buhari, complained recently that the country was going so low under her husband and feared that the people may stone him in future. For many of them, the of Atonement Day exercise was a huge success that would yield good fruits Biafra restoration movement.
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