By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

October 1, 2016, a people – dumb, senseless and backward; living in a certain location in the western part of Africa – held some activities. They hoisted a meaningless piece of cloth with Green, White, Green colours, and had a clueless, old and uneducated fool they call President address them on central government’s television and radio.
Their rulers claimed they were having their 56th Independence Day celebration. But “otu abu’u l’ezi” – it is all lies and deception. It is another dubious show to deceive the dumb and the gullible. But they have always swallowed the lie, and this year again they did.
The people were Nigerians; the contraption was Nigeria; and the Green, White, and Green cloth was their flag.

The reality of the situation is that the contraption called Nigeria is not independent, and has never been. The people have never been free from the day the British government stole the peoples’ lands, claiming to have bought it from Royal Niger Company (a mere business outfit) and foisted colonialism of Britain on them.
They killed thousands of people, especially Biafrans who resisted their rule before they established the contraption. Since then they have continued to kill to maintain the contraption’s boundaries. So, since the day Britain brought down the “Union Jack” – the British flag, and replaced it with the meaningless “Green, white, and green” – which they claimed to be their flag, neo-colonialism had set in.

This is why, even though the so-called Nigerians often pretend to be doing elections and electing their leaders, they were only being manipulated by Britain which appoints their leaders. This is also why the dumbest, stack illiterates, and the most stupid elements always emerged to rule them.
The reason is not far-fetched, such characters were the ones they easily manipulate to do their bidding. Incidentally, Muhammadu Buhari, their current President, is the worst of them all, yet the people still sat and listened to all the nonsense he vomited on October 1. Prior to this time, Monday, October 3 was declared a Public Holiday, and the people were prepared to sit home and do nothing, even while suffering the worst economy of history.

Buhari did not disappoint, as usual he ranted nonsense – in some instances, projecting “sound and fury signifying nothing”; in other instances, possibly plagiarizing past and present world leaders, to project a false sense of scholarship; and in some others areas instances, making promises he knew he had no capacity to keep.

In some other places across the contraption, his powerless appendages called state governors stepped out from their various subservient cocoons (states) to replicate the incomprehensible nonsense, in their own ways.
Nigeria is a joke; its so-called leaders are jokes; and the gullible masses are equally jokes. They have celebrated their dependence to Britain. Next year the monkeys and baboons with step out to perform the same ritual over again, not minding that they were plummeting from one level of poverty to the other.
Thank God we are Biafrans and we have the option of Biafra. Biafrexit is the answer! And the struggle continues!

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