The  Compromised entity called "VANGUARD" a.k.a "vagabond Newspapers" are full of lies and low standard propaganda, a willing instrument used for spreading lies and deceit, they have no respect for professional journalism neither do they have value, they are literally worth nothing, not even a cent, in fact, they are gutter media with an alcoholic editor/publisher who's wife is a ritualist who collectively connived with some other criminals to behead a 14 years old boy.

Vanguard news is an example of a brown envelope gutter media who are ready to collect money to publish nonsense, rubbish and fat lies just to sell their image, vanguard news is the worst news media ever to exist, they should be practicing their wasted and useless career  in the forest where wild animals exist, except that Nigeria is really a zoo, oh yes really! before I forget for a second that Nigeria is a zoo that's why they have such useless gutter media house like vagabond , sorry vanguard.

These group of adulterated bigots who run this "useless brown envelope gutter media called vanguard" should be thrown in jail or sent away to Iraq or Pakistan to practice their gutter style journalism there,
For freedom of media, they can publish any rubbish they like and say whatever nonsense that comes to their head after consuming too much alcohol or overdose from hard drugs, but what we will not accept is the trash of lies they are publishing against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB).

They have sworn a joint Ally to Buhari and terrorist MEND organisation to stir chaos and deceive Nigerians, every day they come up with different names for their evil groups, today it is Tripod, tomorrow it is RE-Ipob and the next day it is Renipob, they are bunch of confused animals with low self-esteem, spending all days doing drugs and thinking what the next thread of lies to dish out to Nigerians will be.

They have no respect and have stood so low obviously the lowest rock bottom ever and may never rise up again, they have soiled their hands and sold their professional rights as an independent journalist, thereby making them a useful and willing tool for Buhari and DSS to manipulate and used to carry out evil plots, shame to vanguard newspapers, shame shame shame!!

Anyone reading any trash from vanguard vagabond newspapers is not only setting his/herself back but is also a victim of brown envelope gutter publishing, if you are buying this vagabond newspapers I advise you to stop doing so immediately, Buhari who is a stark illiterate is dictating for vanguard what to publish and what not to publish, you're indeed exposing yourself and your mind to adulterated contents that can make you dumb. you don't need such trash from this vagabond vanguard.

If you are an individual who likes to educate yourself and improve your knowledge then vagabond vanguard newspapers is not for you,  you should stay far away from them, they are corrupt, disgusting and full of lies, they receive orders from an illiterate president and publish whatever he says, you really don't want to assimilate what comes from a Nothern Hausa-Fulani illiterate.  Stay away from vanguard vagabond newspapers.

By Adaeze C. Nwachukwu
For IPOB writers
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