By Jonathan Ndukwe
For Biafra Choice Writers

Secret information reaching Biafra Choice Writers reveals that Fulani grand plan for full subjugation and Islamization of Southern Nigeria is fully on course. Right now, they are convinced that they have made enough inroads into Biafraland in the past one and half year, and have decided to activate their plan for Badagri/Yoruba people of Southwestern Nigeria.

Unlike the Eastern parts – Biafraland, the Yoruba has a sizeable number of Muslims, and they have reasoned that all they needed to Islamize the entire Yorubaland would be to corner their economic backbone to determine who gets what and who does not.
The plan, which is in two phases, is to corner the crude oil in Badagriland/Yorubaland. The first phase has so far gone smoothly and unchallenged. It was the use of their chief monopolizing agent, Aliko Dangote, to build what the biggest refinery in Lagos.

But the second plan is bolder and more sinister. It has commenced and is in currently ongoing. It is the construction of a 70-foot pipe being laid deep and far into the high seas, away from Nigeria’s continental shelf. The essence is that unlike the first plan, which is an open swindle, the second is an underground swindle. It would be used in future to transport crude oil abroad without the knowledge of the owners of the resource, the Badagry people and the Yoruba.
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