We restate that Biafra cannot be commercialised----Biafra is NoT up for sale---IPOB are Biafra family members are rare and extra-ordinary breed that cannot be settled.

Anybody thinking otherwise must be hallucinating. In this regard, the statement credited to Professor Ben Nwabueze of Ohanenze Ndi Igbo, discredited group of old men, that ‘’N'Delta Militants, Pro-Biafrans Not Serious About Breaking Away From Nigeria’’, is a mockery of what our gallant heroes and heroins fought for and a great disrespect to their memories. Ohaneze-Ndi-Igbo must stop using the unparalleled and uncommon bravery of IPOB to seek for political favour and positioning from and within the Nigerian state.

For avoidance of any further doubt, Ohaneze-Ndi-Igbo as the name depicts stands for Igbo Nigerians of questionable integrity having made themselves amenable to bribery and betrayal of their own people. Ohaneze Ndi Igbo has no moral nor legal standing to speak on behalf of Indigenous People of Biafra. If anything IPOB is in a better position to articulate the views and aspirations of the Biafran People including that of the Igbos.

Igbo is only part of Biafra and not the other way round. Biafra is NoT part of Igbo rather the Igbo is. That is why it is intellectually and fundamentally flawed for a spent force and a morally bankrupted Ohaneze-Ndi-Igbo to make representations on behalf of IPOB.The Indigenous People of Biafra are a rare breed of  Biafrans, who are of impeccable character and of high moral standing that cannot capitulate in the face of intimidation and financial inducement from the Nigerian establishment unlike Ohaneze of which its membership comprises of political contractors and opportunists.

The general public is hereby advised to disregard in all its entirety  the Ohaneze-Ndi-Igbo  and her antics as they are never authorised to speak for and on behalf of IPOB. IPOB has the capacity to defend herself and has all it takes to make representations where necessary. If IPOB can set the agenda which the Nigerian state has consistently followed, what then is Ohaneze-Ndi-Igbo to speak for Biafra and her people? The appeasement politics of Ohaneze-Ndi-Igbo and that of others like them are not welcomed here. The Indigenous People of Biafra can never please the Nigerian state of the Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba establishment at the expense of the citizens of Biafra.

Uche Mefor
Deputy Leader,

Indigenous People of Biafra[IPOB]
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