Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has assured victims of killings in the Northern minority and the middle Belt that Southern Nigeria would never abandon them.
In his speech delivered on Saturday to the Christian Information Network Forum, Jos, Plateau State, Fani- Kayode said he identified strongly the suffering of families of those killed or wounded by violent herdsmen.
The speech made available to DAILY POST reads in parts: “I appreciate the barbarity and injustice of the ruthless persecution that they have been subjected to from those that have kept them in bondage and subjugation for over 200 years.
“As a matter of fact, I regard myself as being as much of a northern Christian as anyone else in this forum and when one of our own is killed by the Islamists and terrorists in our country, it hurts and pains me to the very marrow.
“These are my people that are being slaughtered as much as they are yours. If Nigeria were ever to break up we will ensure that the northern minorities and the Middle Belt come with the south.
“We will never leave you in the hands of our collective enemies and we will never abandon you. When Nigeria is either redefined or restructured: that is when your true liberation begins.
“When it comes to suffering injustice, marginalisation, mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide you have suffered more than any other.

“It is only the Igbo people of the south-east that have been subjected to the kind of wickedness that your people have been subjected to by the Nigerian state and those that have controlled it since independence.
“The only difference is that they literally took your identities away from you whilst they couldn’t do that to the Igbo who, till today, are still fighting hard for self-determination.
“It is our intention to right the wrongs of the past and to help to liberate you. It is our intention to encourage and support you in your quest for emancipation and freedom in this historic fight.”
The outspoken politician further urged Christians and other peace loving Nigerians affected by violence in the North to remain steadfast.
“No matter how bad things get, always hold your heads up high, never bow before them, never show them fear, never let them break you and always remember that our God is mighty and that it shall be well.
“No mattter what violence they inflict upon you, no matter what indignities they subject you and yours to and no matter who or what they take away from you never forget that on Christ the solid rock we stand, all other ground is sinking sand: all other ground is sinking”, he added.

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