The world must be on notice regarding the impending danger ahead Biafra and her citizens. The lives of Biafrans including old and young are endangered, and the Land of Biafra is under siege.Our lives is no longer guaranteed, we have been in pains, miseries, agony, torments and suffering already, as the Federal government of the contraption called Nigeria, has further planned on how to carry operation which I termed mass extermination of Biafrans, amidst the recent bloodbath caused by the Hausa-Fulani herdsmen in Biafra land. The Nigeria government has sealed up all the villages, communities, cities, states and other parts of Biafra Land, using the presence of the military, police, Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, DSS e.c.t. to execute their plans of salvaging Biafrans, as we face torments, and harassments both in our workplaces, shops, churches, schools, hospitals and everywhere we are located on daily basis.
Following the evil meeting staged by some top politicians in Nigeria, found among Biafrans with the federal republic of the contraption called Nigeria, on the 1st of September 2016, Biafrans has been surrounded by their enemies, indicating danger for Biafrans because we are endangered species. This meeting was held with the Ohana Eze Socio group of saboteurs with some politicians namely; 1. Alhaji Rotimi Amaechi the Hausa-Fulani slave who bears three different tribal names, to convince his slave masters that he is sabotaging his people. 2. Willie Obiano, the ritualistic monster and drug addicted animal who killed those that supported his reign as a governor of Anambra State. 3. Rochas Okoro Awusa the bastardised He-goat who is presently governing Imo state. And so many other saboteurs in Biafra Land. Their agenda is to carry out an operation "MASS EXTERMINATION OF BIAFRANS" and their supporters.
They have concluded on how to execute any Biafran seen or their supporters instantly or sentence them to live jail without the court proceedings or the tribunal interceding on their behalf. They also concluded on plans to eliminate some personnels like Asari Dokubo, Government Tompolo, the ex-president of Nigeria Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the present governor of Igweocha (Rivers State) Gov. Nyesom Nwike, finally The Freedom Fighters Avengers. While Biafrans live with the passion of restoring once more the glory of Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama our God back to this earth, some saboteurs are busy going from one Abuja contracts to the other. The Ohana Eze Ndi Igbo has refused to protect those they claim to be representing; rather they keep on flipping from one contract to the other, trading on the people's interest. They are part and parcel of this dangerous plan. Biafrans are not for them, neither are they for Biafrans. These deadly plan has raised an uproar momentum in Biafra Land as Nigeria soldiers and Boko Haram members illegally recruited into the army, has been sent into Biafra Land with sophisticated weapons to kill innocent Citizens of Biafra as they have started operations already.
The entire humanity must understand our bid and the quest of the restoration of Biafra. The world must also know that Biafra is not a terrorist entity like the northern part of Nigeria. Biafrans are peace loving people, only agitating for what rightfully belongs to them. Biafrans are entitled to their human rights, as clearly stated in the United Nation's Charter Law of self-determination of which Nigeria is a signatory to. We have rights to live, and if we must live in this present condition, it means that we must defend ourselves. We have paid the price of freedom, yet the world seems to be deaf. We have been killed on different occasions, tormented, incarcerated, subjugated to all manner of human degrading treatments. The world should not underestimate our madness by trooping in soldiers, because they have pushed us to the wall, and we shall soon bounce back. This will finally wipe the contraption out from existence.

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