Health officials in eastern Nigeria say they have started to administer polio vaccines to children at military checkpoints in an attempt to stop the spread of the crippling disease.

Abdullahi Hammandikko, a vaccination team leader in Taraba state, says up to 80 children are being vaccinated per day at one of the checkpoints.

Nigeria was declared polio-free last year, but two new cases were discovered last month among refugees in areas recently reclaimed from the extremist group Boko Haram. A third case was confirmed this month.

Officials have noted scattered resistance to the vaccinations by some parents, but Hammandikko says those stopped at checkpoints are cooperating.

Dr. Innocent Vakai, Taraba's health commissioner, says anyone refusing the vaccination could be asked to leave the state.

According to investigations by IPOB, it was discovered that this is not a prevention vaccination but a means to inject the diseases into our children and spreading the outbreak to the South-East, they have plans in place to wipe out over 5 million of our children because of the Biafra Agitation.

The international community should be alerted and invited to investigate this matter of urgent attention.

The Northern Arewa leaders have this plans in place through their Boko haram military they will carry out this evil plan and  supported by the Obama Administration, someone please call 911. We Must alert the world now.

By Adaeze Nwachukwu
For IPOB  writers

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