The way things are left unchecked in Nigeria over irregularities bordering on endangering human lives under the watch of Nigeria 8th Chamber and APC -Hausa/Fulani administration is suspicious. The manner and level of silence portrayed within opinion moulders and stakeholders in Nigeria over austerity and man-inflicted hardship mainly melted by the budget wing of governance and executor of administrative activities in bettering welfare and lives of citizens is purely appalling. In a country where over 170 million inhabitants are forced to live together despite the robustness and size of the country, ethnicity, religion, culture, etc. under the watch of one man really deserve a lot of attention, devotion, intelligence, high level of competence and listening ability from both arms of government and level of government especially executive and federal. In the case of Nigeria, it seems to be a reverse measuring from the empirical facts drawn from present situation facing Nigerians both baby, teenage, young, adult, old, male, female, student, unemployed, employed, household, company/investors and religious believers and non-believers.
Empirically, looking at the present state of Nigeria on how the government subjects its citizens to abject hardship and hunger show high level of inability from President Mohammad Buhari who is the executive president of Nigeria both economically, socially and otherwise. As a president, he is mandated and bound under the constitution of Nigeria to improve the lives of its citizens, provide social amenities, infrastructural development and secure live and property of the Nigeria citizen. In a question of any form of pitfall in providing all these constitutional assignments of which he swore to deliver, the president is bound to communicate with both other arms of government and so also expected to address the citizenry over sad state of the nation but, it is quite becoming unusual that Mohammad Buhari had not made any of these applicable approaches rather, he chooses to address his countrymen, women, and checkmating elements whenever he is outside the shores of Nigeria. Buhari has done more harm than good in this present administration. Biafrans (IPOB) who has been on a protest for months now for the restoration of Biafra are being tortured, jailed, murdered through so many inappropriate avenues (secretly and openly) every day. Niger Delta Youths who has been provoked to protest for total ownership hands off because of unchecked illegal and marginalized activities of the Northerners on management (oil spill, gas flaring, bush burning) and sharing of oil Blocs at their various individual backyards in Niger Delta even when other solid mineral resources located in the Northern States are independently managed by their State Governors. Inflation has hit worst rate since past 25 years at 17.6% in 2016, motor spirit, petrol as key inflator is being purchased at #145 per litre against the minimum wage of #18, 000.
Food scarcity (Rice sold at #22,000, kerosene sold at #350 per litre, cup of Garri sold at #70 per cup, etc.), mass company downsizing, mass impromptu company shut down, mass employees sack, introduction of austerity measure, inflicted hardship, perceived enemies witch-hunt, Court Verdicts disobedience, suppression of other arms of government etc.
Why is Nigeria Senate not bordered to invite over the acclaimed president of Nigeria, Mohammad Buhari to come and explain reasons behind the current state of hardship in the nation? Is it because Buhari is a Northerner, the owners of Nigeria and then deserves no question? Or is Buhari bigger than Nigerians and their representatives? It appears so suspicious that before Nigeria leaders, its citizens are crippling to death. Should everyone die because Buhari is incompetent? Niger Delta is under siege and massively bombarded by Nigeria arm forces even in the face of introduced dialogue by President Mohammad Buhari with the Niger Delta protesting youths. There is a silent State of Emergency ongoing in Niger Delta still opinion moulders, stakeholders International Bodies are totally quite over it. Expensive and exotic artilleries are massively deployed in Niger Delta to sweep the area. Every inhabitant around this Niger Delta is sleeping with their eyes open even in spite of biting hunger. Are all these freely going on because Buhari is a Northerner or above Nigerians?
These are not the way things are done. Buhari should respect the principles that guide presidential office or executive arm of the government. If Buhari is bigger than Nigeria that he can not give a listening ear to yearnings of Nigerians, he can honourably resign. If he is larger than Nigerians that he can not communicate to them on the sorry state of the nation at home than abroad, he should pen down for his resignation. If Buhari thinks he had a monopoly of power to carry out any level of atrocity at any time he chooses either through herdsmen or Boko Haram, he better resign. If he thinks campaigning for the restoration of Biafra Nation is a provocative Avenue to torture, jail, kill and murder innocent Biafrans, he should resign. And If he insists on keeping flattening United Nations order to release Dr Nnamdi Kanu and to let Biafra go, he should be ready to build more prisons because more Kanu's are on their way.
By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writer
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