By Nwosu C.S
Sunday 11 September, 2016
Biafra writers have been reliably informed that a fake CD which claims Nnamdi Kanu has denounced Biafra from Kuje prison is in circulation.
However, the voice recorded in the CD is not that of Nnamdi Kanu. The voice was heard saying...
"I am Nnamdi kanu and am speaking from kuje prison, I never wanted biafra, all I want is for buhari to respect our people....etc
This is nothing but the handwork of criminal elements like Charles/Henry Okah and other enemies of Biafra. It could be recalled that MEND orchestrated and peddled the lie about Nnamdi Kanu's denunciation of Biafra few weeks ago, which eventually didn't hold sway. On seeing that it was an effort in futility, they decided to concrete their lies by flooding the market with a fake recording of same message of denunciation, which is also a venture that can be considered dead on arrival.
It is no longer news that the Buhari-led government has been looking for ways to undermine the credibility and integrity of Nnamdi Kanu, having failed to successfully deceive the masses through his various propagandists, like DSS, MEND, OHANAEZE and creation of phantom TRIPOB, REIPOB and RENIPOB groups and promoted by VANGUARD a.k.a Vagabond Newspaper.
Biafra writers are hereby urging all Biafrans and entire public to disregard the message spewed from the CD. Nnamdi Kanu does not speak to anybody except through his lawyers, so how come a recording gadget found its way into the prison, when it is against the laws of every prison?
Nigerian government have only succeeded in making a mockery of themselves, as this has shown their desperation and eagerness to keep Nigeria one by all means possible. Nnamdi Kanu can never denounce what he is destined for, and that is leading his people out of this hell-hole called Nigeria.
It is BIAFRA OR DEATH still, make no mistake about that!!
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