The world is very much aware that Biafrans are the light and the salt of the world. Before the invasion of Biafra Land by the evil colonial masters, and the slave trades, Biafra Land was no doubt the best place to live. As at then, we have nothing like police, courts, or any security agencies, yet we lived peacefully and loved ourselves. We farm together in the same plot of lands, without anyone claiming another person's harvest. We lived harmoniously and faithfully with one another. This was how our forefathers lived, and they existed long on the surface of the earth.
Suddenly, the colonial masters invaded our land, took our women and gave our fathers their devilish religion that honours Lucifer in pretence to serve God. They destroyed the good foundation of our forefathers by calling them evils. They converted our love to hatred; they turned our peaceful living into war. We became the enemies of ourselves. They divided us by calling us meaningless names. They told us that they are more superior and closer to heaven. They gave us their devilish names that only widened our sufferings. They called us animal names because they imagine us to be animals.

They succeeded in subjugating the blacks to their slaves. They took us away from our land to their countries, for slavery. We also adapted, and developed their land. They came to our land and took our treasures, our talents, our knowledge, just to prove superiority. Today, Biafrans built United States Of America. Biafrans made the Britain and other developed countries. Show me a country well established and standardised that a Biafran will miss existing in their innovations.
Without Biafrans, the world is in doomed darkness; that was why they took us captives and decided not to free us. Today, this son of a bitch just spoke is mind. David Young, the US Ambassador, asked the federal government of the contraption called Nigeria to develop a suitable living environment for Biafrans. You have done great, but it is too late to weep.

If I may ask you Sir David Young, what motivated Americans to seek for independence? Well if I must remind you, Benjamin Franklin, unlike many American colonists, had travelled to England and Ireland - and what he saw in Ireland made him an advocate for American Independence: During his visit, Franklin also travelled into the countryside outside of Dublin. He was shocked at the level of poverty he found there. He wrote thus, "The appearance of general misery among the lower people is fantastic. They live in wretched hovels of mud and straw, are clothed in rags and subsist chiefly on potatoes. Our New England farmers of the poorest sort, regarding the enjoyment of all the comforts of life, are prices when compared to them".Looking at the situation of Biafrans, we had suffered more than Americans did before they sorted for independence. As a matter of fact, Americans were not slaughtered as Biafrans are being murdered on a daily basis, Americans were not kidnapped like the Nigeria government is doing to Biafrans. Americans were not subjugated, they were not called infidels, their children were not taken at the age of six only to be raped or converted to Muslims against their wish. Tell us a situation where Americans were killed like Biafrans were killed in 1966 at North. Show us a state in your country where roads are as good as borrow pits.

David Young, you must tell us a state in your country where your kids sit on the bare floor to learn at schools. Tell us any of American graduate that is carrying his or her credentials from one company to the other. We shall accept your suggestions if you can figure out a state in your country where a student needs to pay a bribe before given admission in tertiary institutions. Are these not enough sufferings for Biafrans? Well, Biafrans can develop their land to any height or standard. Besides, we were in existence before Nigeria. We don't have the same religious belief; we don't have anything in common. Why then should we be forced to live together when the contraption has already expired?
All we need is our freedom, and you shall see a nation that will take over the world in the space of years. Of course, we know that is your fear to allow us free. You know our abilities, our industriousness, our talents, our resources. We can make Biafra the world leader, within a very short time. So far as you strived harder in your own time to get your independence, we shall do more than you did, and we shall get what we want, even without your help. We do not rest our hopes in any man or any country. We have Chiukwu-Okike-Ahbiama on our side, so we shall conquer.

Biafrans urge you to save yourself the stress, advising the Nigerian government, because of it worth nothing, it won't change anything. After all, it's our resources that will be used to do anything, if at all it should be done. Biafrans has more than what America have so that we can do all things; we are Biafrans, not Nigerians. We are requesting for what rightfully is ours, not what belongs to America or Britain. All we seek and ask for is our freedom. But in case you will love to advise Nigeria, tell them to allow the children of the Most high Chiukwu-Okike-Ahbiama to go. Also advise them on the issue of harming the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
Let them know the possibilities of converting Nigeria into deserts and forests. They should be aware that the man they are holding has more than 50 million followers, located in different countries, and continents of the world. If anything should happen to him, then they should be prepared to kill us all. If you love Nigeria, it's quite safe and good to tell them that IPOB is all over the world. If one strand of his hair should fall, then everything in Nigeria will die. We have sworn an oath to restore our fatherland and that promise we stand on till we celebrate our independence. The death of our fallen heroes shall not be in vain. Ambassador David Young, beware that Biafra is a divine project, and no man or woman can stop her.

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