by Ogu Edozie Williams

Charles Okah, the younger brother of the former leader of the Movement for the Enslavement of the Niger Delta (MEND), who has recently widened his net of enslavement to include all Biafrans in deviation from his earlier enslavement agenda meant for only Niger Deltans has struck a new deal with President Muhamadu Buhari and his media and publicity aide,

Charles Okah seems to be enjoying his 'endless trial' experience now as opposed to the time he attempted to end his life as a result of it.
He is happy now that he was not allowed to commit suicide as he attempted because now he has been awarded a contract he must execute which will earn him both freedom and elevated position in the Nigerian government.

He has been promised freedom for himself, his elder brother, Henry who is serving his prison term in South Africa, and possibly an elevated position in the Nigerian government should he succeed in stopping Biafra's independence.

To execute this assignment, he, firstly, made an attempt to convince Nnamdi Kanu who is the leader and founder of the Indigenous People of Biafra who are genuinely championing the course of Restoration of the Biafran State, to renounce Biafra. At that time, he worked with his Movement for the Enslavement of the Niger Delta to achieve it but when he failed, he resorted to cheap blackmail.

Since he must achieve this task, he calculated another attempt, now with federal government of Nigeria and Vanguard (spokesperson ) to form a false non-existent online splinter groups of IPOB. And to make the mission clearly unachievable, he made himself the leader of the splinter group.
Since his attempts have failed,  he resorted to attacking the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu in prison.

Charles Okah has asserted that the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, is proud and that is enough to drive those who believe in him away.

In Charles' assertions, according to

“Humility comes before honour. Even in prison, not a few concerned persons, particularly Biafrans have argued that Nnamdi Kanu believes he is already the “President of Biafra” and goes about with an ‘entourage’ and is addressed as “His Excellency”.” “That is a fact I have witnessed myself. This narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) was enough to drive away so many of his admirers, who have since flocked in droves and thereby swelled the teeming number of TRIPOB members,”

Charles Okah further went to put forth what he would achieve in Biafra land as the leader of the splinter group, ordering that the surrender plans on 17th January 2017 be put to a halt.

May I make it clear to Charles Okah that Biafrans are decent people by nature and would not have a second thought at rejecting a criminal like him even if he were forced on them!
May I tell him that he has failed on arrival with the assignment he received from Nigerian government.!
Biafrans as determined as they are to exit Nigeria, are also determined to put every criminal where he or she belongs.
May I tell him that he cannot  sweet-talk Biafrans into accepting his deceptive schemes.!

May I remind him that Nnamdi Kanu has said in an interview that he would like to be remembered as one in whose watch Biafra was restored. That he didn't go into the struggle because he wanted to be president of Biafra but because he was born to restore Biafra.

May I tell Charles that we Biafrans are satisfied with Nnamdi Kanu and his leadership eloquence and mannerisms whether anyone sees it the wrong way or the right way.
And that people or supporters flooding around him as entourage or fellow inmates addressing him as "His Excellency " or "President of Biafra" is a natural thing that follows a committed leader.

May I also tell Charles that I will join the people that would urge Nnamdi Kanu to be the President of Biafra should he refuse to be when Biafra comes.

Charles Okah, it is true that Igbos are not the only people in Biafra; other tribes like Izon (Ijaws), Ibibios, Isobo (Uhrobo), Itshekiri etcetera are major stakeholders in Biafraland and leaders and presidents can come out from any of them but not criminals like you.

Charles, may I predict your next line of action to achieve your assignment? Your next action  which will equally die on arrival, is to, with the help of your co-conspirators, Nigerian government and other elites from Nigeria that want the course of restoration of Biafra frustrated, mobilize people and pay them to protest against Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and Biafra restoration.

Nnamdi Kanu is our leader "come rain come sun" and Biafra is our home!

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