BIAFRA: For of whom a man is overcome of the same is he brought into bondage, having surrendered investigative journalism and truth to gun totting Islamic terrorist northern Nigeria. The true adage which says, the pen is mightier than the weapon is no more relevant to the Yoruba journalism. Throughout history, few wars are recorded to have been won by the force of arms all ended up on the negotiating table. On the 31st of March, 1968. There was a military ambush laid against the invading Nigeria army in Abagana by the Biafran guerrillas led by Major Joseph Achuzie and major John Uchendu, they launched a surprise attack that destroyed the entire Nigerian army weapon supply convoy, history has it that out of over 100 so called Nigerian elite army only Muritala Mohammed and few other soldiers survived by atom of luck. But guess what, the British and their Yoruba newspapers reported that Muritala Mohammed and his troops overran the Biafran army and destroyed their last known military equipment, arms and ammunition depot.
The then secretary general of the United Nations Mr U.Thant after hearing from both sides said quote: in war, the first causality is the truth, the Igbo Christian Jewishness is under attack by the other group the Islamic northern Nigeria, call this war against innocent Biafran civilians evil and that is what it is. Now that a remarkable victory on the part of the offended has been achieved yet, the British and Nigerian press are misinforming the unsuspecting public about the situation on the ground. Off quote.Professor Bolaji Akinyemi former external affairs minister gave the names of Nigeria and British press that was feeding the world with falsehood and garbage called news about Biafra. He mentioned their names seven newspapers: The Guardians, The Observer, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Times, The Financial times, etc. All the above newspapers reporting about the war was one-sided for the Nigerian government which Akinyemi summed up as an act of great irresponsibility.
From 1970 the war ended so to say, the Yoruba press also known as the Western press in this part of the world have metamorphosed into a brown envelope journalists still living in the illusion of one Nigeria as chorused by their past and present leaders who sold Yorubaland for a penny. Having been overcome by the Islamic Hausa/Fulanis, anything that will shift them from eating the crumb that fell from northern Nigeria receives a bashing from the famished, hungry and totally lost news reporters from south-west Nigeria.Worst of them all is Punch newspapers founded by Mr Ajibola Ogunshola shortly after the Biafra/ Nigeria civil war 1970/1973. Joining in that order is Tribune newspapers which older, established in 1945 by the murderous ingrate thief Obafemi Awolowo who actually in collaboration with Richard Akinjide, Olusegun Obasanjo, late Obama of Benin Oba Orediowa nedo Oba opolo polo etc., they have destroyed the Yoruba nation from ascending to a very height of prosperity as a free nation beyond the Islamic northern Nigeria.
The south-west Yorubas are stuck, if anybody is given, then a chance of getting out of this Islamic entanglement is daydreaming, because, without Biafrans, the south-west Yoruba land would have remained as backwards as northern zoo called Nigeria. The new entrant newspapers are The Nation newspapers referred to as touts and hooligans newspapers because the publisher is a Muslim political agbero in the person of Mr Ahmed Bola Tinubu a former senator and Governor of Lagos state. He is also a right-hand man of the paedophile, Islamic terrorist and the sponsors of Boko Haram Mohamadu Buhari both in Islamic Brotherhood party APC. This newspaper is against anything with inscription BIAFRA. In real, Daily Times newspapers owned by the zoo government and The new Nigerian newspapers belonging to all the 19 state of northern Nigeria both are birds of the same feather. The good news here is that all their information's about Biafra is backfiring and they are receiving the heat on a daily basis.Mohamadu Buhari the zoo called Nigeria president is reported to be smelling sulphur while standing to address the 71st United Nations General Assembly UNGA in America printing other world leaders to close their nose and breath some fresh air. Buhari received a fake report from the Yoruba dung media that Biafra was preparing for a referendum thus making preparation by organizing a mock referendum which failed on the 23rd September, 2016 Mohamadu Buhari as an illiterate did not cross check the source of his information only to come on air to finally bury the zoo called Nigeria in America by telling the victorious army of God the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB that they will not get a chance to conduct a referendum, this is shameful and pathetic, it then means that Buhari has fallen into the pit he dug for Biafrans. The sit at- home order was merely intended to show the muscle of the leadership of indigenous people of Biafra, to demonstrate that they have Biafrans behind them, to prove to the zoo government in Nigeria that IPOB dictates the pace on how and when to pull out of Nigeria as a sovereign state, and it worked perfectly. Just 12 hours sit-at-home the zoo economy plummeted, naira down to 435, while another oil installations were blown into pieces.
The reason for the stay at home order was not a hidden one, to demand the release of Dr.Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB worldwide, director of Radio Biafra, innocent Biafrans detained and to request the immediate restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra. How on earth did Yoruba press got and disseminated the gutter information they sold to Buhari. IPOB has proven that they are smarter, more clever in executing their none violence protest and the resulting is unimaginable throughout the history freedom fighting.
The sit at- home was successful in all the 12 States and 13 clans that make up Biafraland. IPOB scored 97% while the zoo called Nigeria scored a party 4.5%. Restoration means making to be complete, functional, that which is already in existence, therefore, the issue of a referendum is ruled out. As Nigeria government struggles to keep part of the old eastern region, 23rd sit-at- home order have stripped them off all powers and grips of any part of Biafraland. Release Dr Nnamdi Kanu and other innocent Biafrans illegally detained and restore the sovereign nation of Biafra. God's kingdom on earth.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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