BIAFRA: It is now a clear evident on how the Nigeria judiciary has evolved past years and more under General Buhari led administration who has masterminded the continuous killing, murder and slavery of Biafrans in this British contraption called Nigeria. It is now obvious that John Tosho cannot deliver a good judgement in a case he has collected bribe to jail and sentence Nnamdi Kanu to death as ordered by Buhari. Nnamdi Kanu's case on treasonable felony resumes on 23-09-2016 amidst reports and facts about a compromised justice John Tosho who started and jeopardised the Nigerian judicial system by contradicting his judgement on granting a secret trial on Nnamdi Kanu of radio Biafra although that simply showcased the level of corruption that has ravaged the justice system in Nigeria.

What is the essence of been a judge when you can't offer judgment because the commitment you willingly gave yourself to in the name of collecting bribe to sentence an innocent man who is agitating for self-determination which is a universal law as enshrined in the UN constitution? Recall that
1. Nnamdi has been granted bail by two courts of jurisdiction but was denied freedom by the tyranny of Buhari and his agents of DSS.
2. He remains unlawfully detained even as the confused Justice Tosho is still presiding over the case because of the large brown envelope he has received from his employers

3. The same Justice Tosho ruled against a secret trial on Nnamdi Kanu were masquerade witnesses will be paraded to testify as witnesses against Kanu only to turn back and approve it after his pockets were bribed, thereby contradicting his previous judgment, what does this type of a judge reflect in a judicial system? Is it not a proof of someone who is simply ready to dance to the tune of the highest bidder in cases he is supposed to allow the rule of law prevails? Judiciary is meant to be the last hope of the common man, but now it is the hunt for the lives of the common man it is supposed to protect.

Several calls have been made and directed to this corrupt ridden judge named John Tosho to hands off this case since his stance on the case has been called into question as a result of contradicting judgements he has made and believably in the business of collecting bribe, but instead he has given a deaf ear to it because of lofty but empty promises he has received from Buhari if he rules as instructed by him.

Therefore I am appealing to all international organisations concerned and which are on the arm of upholding against human rights abuses as clearly seen in this case to take into cognizance all of this and act now. IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu are not terrorist; this is Biafrans who have said no to the perpetual slavery and torture they have received from Hausa/Fulani because they have refused to be Islamised and hence exposed the atrocities of Buhari as a jihadist, and Sponsor of terrorism in Nigeria (Boko Haram). It should also be on a note that IPOB has remained peaceful but formidable and resolute in their quest for the restoration of Biafra, the land of the rising sun despite been continually killed by Buhari led assassin DSS and Chief of Army Staff Brutai and the recently retired Inspector General of Police Arase. We hope to clarify that we will continue to demand our freedom until we have it, therefore let John Tosho who has clearly jeopardised his stance on the case by collecting bribe and contradicting judgements resign and hands off from this case because he in his compromised state cannot offer anything but injustice.

Meanwhile as 23rd of September draws closer IPOB all over the world will make a wave protest in recognition of the fact that Biafra will continue to defeat the Nigerians and Buhari and that we recognize the sacrifice of our incorruptible leader Nnamdi Kanu who has refused to sell his conscience by receiving bribe to drop the agitation of the restoration of Biafra just like Uwazuruike did and sold his people for peanuts, but is committed to it even with his life and by so doing has let the world know that there is still somebody who can lay down his life for the freedom of his people.


By Ezekwereogu John
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers.
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