BIAFRA: On the eve of Monday 26th September 2016.Dr Clifford Iroanya COC of the indigenous people of Biafra made a press release alerting Biafrans and the world about the statement made by the Chief Justice of Nigeria Justice Ahmed Mahmud, indicating Justice John Tsoho and by extension indicating himself, Mohamadu Buhari and administrative system of Nigeria judiciary, I knew that the zoo called Nigeria is about to receive technical blow from unseen hands.

Having driven the last nail on the foreheads of successive bribe taken judges, Justice John Tsoho becomes it the first victim.
The illegality pervading the zoo called Nigeria judiciary was and is still being condoned by Ahmed Mahmud himself having failed to condemn Mohamadu Buhari for trampling upon the rights of Dr Kanu by refusing to allow him to go after being granted unconditional release. Why was Ahmed Mahmud silence all this while? The answer is that he is part of Buhari's decision making in government and the ruts in the judicial circle, Tsoho's hand over the case or not.
Since the abduction of Dr Nnamdi Kanu and thousands of innocent Biafrans, mysterious and dangerous flood have blown away the Nigeria economy and that includes the Kangaroo courts all over Nigeria.
Before it is too late, Mohamadu Buhari should drop the British and Obama's support pride and release Dr Kanu and others unconditionally. Mohamadu Buhari should look beyond his nose and follow the former British prime minister's footsteps, after committing atrocities in Iraq in the U.S- led invasion and the subsequent murder of Sadam HUSEIN in 2003. Tony Blair publicly and openly said I apologise for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong because the program of chemical weapons in the form we thought does not exist.Tony Blair also apologised for mistakes made in planning and understanding what will happen after Sadam Husein's regime is removed.

As Obama disgracefully sticks to the Islamic jihadist Mohamadu Buhari, his ally David Cameron did exactly what Tony Blair had done, threw in the towel, publicly and openly owned up to his mistakes by being part of evils which took place around the world including their choice of Mohamadu Buhari as the president of the zoo called Nigeria, David Cameron was unequivocal when he said shortly after Brexit, I have failed.

Buhari should as a matter of urgency release Dr Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafra detainees without waiting to a point a new judge.
Successive U.S government have tried to make amend for their transgressions, as Mr Aaron Lazare put it, nations are eager to apologise for wrong done to existing and emerging countries across the globe.
Mohamadu Buhari must know that Obama is no longer the leader of the free nations, his powers end in the white house, and that is evidence that the Americans people want him out as soon as possible.Let me release a top secret here, whoever takes over from John Tsoho will go the same way except he/she releases Dr Kanu in his first appearance as a presiding judge. Mohamadu Buhari is at this moment advised to released Dr Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafran detainees without delay. There is no way Nigeria will survive the Biafran onslaught. The indigenous people of Biafra must raise up a greater alarm why? Seing Dr Kanu's photo in today's court appearance did not give me joy, his poise, steps and smile are simply that of an army general winning at every stage in the battlefield. He needs a full medical attention urgently. We cannot afford to wait 2-3 weeks and then adjournment and multiple adjournments that will follow. All hail Biafra.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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