CHANGE BEINGS WITH YOU BUHARI: since the unlawful, illegal detention of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) leader and Director of Radio Biafra / Biafra Television prophet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on 14th October 2015. The contraption called Nigeria have embarked in serious clutter, the destitution and the recessions saga have taken an expedition of no arrival.

TYRANT MOHAMMAD BUHARI “CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU” the Islamic Republic of Nigeria lead by you Buhari and your Dss (Department of state security) has embarked on extermination of the indigenous people of Biafra on quotidian basis, instructing shot at sight and also illegally kidnapping them on the street and some newspaper stands in the contraption. Tyrant Mohammad Buhari who committed plagiarises ’by stealing someone speech without giving credit to the person. “CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU” is an act of corruption in the order sense.

Mohammad Buhari used the slogan “CHANJI” or “CHANGE” as an act of fighting corruption. The fraudulent contraption with the crooked leader and her citizens are arrogant of the facts that the entity called Nigeria is a failed state and needs to be dissolved entirely for peace to reign and the total restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra on earth. The fact remains that Nigeria is a crime against humanity which was created by a Scottish puppet named Frederick Lugard through the help of British government to exterminate the indigenous people of Biafra and also keep stealing her bounties and polluting the environment of the native population in her various community which is pathetic and should be discouraged by good people of the world.
TYRANT MOHAMMAD BUHARI “CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU” by releasing all the unlawful detained IPOBIAN and order Zionist movement members who was arrested and kidnap in your various prison jail in your demonic contraption called Nigeria. “Mohammad Buhari must think out of the box and do the needful by obeying the court order. Change begins with you Buhari, in the fact that the contraption called Nigeria is a failed state because her foundation was built on fraud and the blood of innocent people of Biafrans to keep it one. One Nigeria is a slogan used to subjugate the indigenous population into unholy marriage with an economy interest of the British government. Where the states that feed the contraption are in abject poverty, environment degradation and surrounding is a death trap, One Nigeria slogan is not working as designed by the so-called colonial masters British. The “DIVIDE and RULE” is over.

Now the indigenous people are saying that one Nigeria and her agents known as northern caliphate are killing the so called citizens of Nigeria. Biafra people are ready to go back to her blessed nation of Biafra.
The Sun rises from the east. The indigenous people of Biafra have come to reclaim what originally belong to them and ready to go to any length to restore the blessed nation with the last drop of their blood, because her citizens are dying on a daily basis due to hardships subjugation against them. The indigenous people have a mineral resource that can improve their standard of living.
TYRANT MOHAMMAD BUHARI “CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU” by leasing go off the children of the most high (CHIUKWU OKIKE AHBIAMA) to her promised land that flows with milk and honey.
The senseless killings of herdsmen and Boko Haram will be over when the needful is done. Biafra is the giant of Black Continent; Biafra and stands for peace and togetherness if given her sovereignty. COME and JOIN (Biafra), Buhari must stop the ridiculous statement that “THE UNITY OF NIGERIA IS NOT NEGOTIABLE” Mohammad Buhari what happened to Bakassi Peninsula? Is Bakassi peninsula not the territory of the so-called contraption? Tyrant Buhari, the unity of Nigeria is negotiable because the Lugard's amalgamation is over since 31st December 2014 marked the end of the contraption.

Tyrant Mohammad Buhari your so-called contraption is an illegal entity, so stop making a silly statement about an expired entity. TYRANT MOHAMMAD BUHARI “CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU” the indigenous people of Biafra are enthusiastic their right to self-determination because self-determination is a universal law. The IPOB leader and director of Radio Biafra/ Biafra Television prophet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu must be released unconditionally now before it will be hazardous on your citizen.
Finally, I will end with these axioms “No crisis is as bad as it can be imagined.

By Nwabueze Ikenna
Editor Udeagha Obasi For UmuChiukwu Writers.
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