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Former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Professor Chukwuma Soludo, has advised the Federal Government to free Nnamdi Kanu as a first step of resolving the agitation for a Biafra State. Soludo, who reviewed a Book, titled “The Politics of Biafra and The Future of Nigeria” written by former House of Representatives member, Hon. Chudi Offodile, said keeping Kanu in prison would not do Nigeria any good as a nation.
“Kanu threw a bait and Nigeria accepted it. I think he is a most popular political prisoner today and should be released; he may be a subject of the next political campaign. He may be like the late Obafemi Awolowo, who came out of prison after being charged for treason and embraced by all ” Soludo explained. He said Kanu and his followers were in the main stream of the struggle and that he would be surprised if anybody tells President Mohammadu Buhari to ignore this group of intelligentsia. Soludo said any elite group, who goes to the government in a bid to negotiate on their behalf unjustly will be consumed by this monster they created.
“Let me agree with Professor Wole Soyinka that said the declaration of the state of Biafra is an idea which can be resolved with dialogue.” He said what the various agitators like MASOB, Biafra Movement, new Biafra division were craving for is a fairer Nigeria with equity, fair play and even development, adding that the Igbo land had been underdeveloped in terms of infrastructure in spite of so many political appointments given to its children.
He said that if Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu and Nnamdi Azikiwe, who died as Nigerians were alive today, they would have towed the line of the new Biafra movement. He said Bakassi changed the map of Nigeria, the day it was ceded to Cameroon and wondered why Biafra too cannot change it. Reviewing the book, Solu-do said it is a must read by all because it captures and provides essential insights, analytical comments and excellent peace of research in Nigeria’s attempts to forging a sustainable unity and a Biafran dialogue as it is impossible to hold people hostage in their country.
“The book tells Nigerians the steps it can take to save its fragile independence and way forward,” he said
Also speaking on the struggles, former Governor of Abia State, Chief Orji Kalu, said it was true that the South East had been neglected and marginalized in terms of infrastructural developments.
He said the area required urgent attention by the Federal Government. Those present at the launch were former Vice President, Dr. AlexEkwueme, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, Catholic Bishop of SokotoDiocese; formerMinister of Aviation, Hon Osita Chidoka; former Speaker House of Representatives, Ghali Na’ bba, Senator Ken Nnmani, former Deputy Speaker, Hon Emeka Ihedioha and host of others.
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