By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) was awesome in court on Monday, September 26, 2016, when he spoke to Biafrans who came to show solidarity with him. The enthusiastic Biafrans had braced all odds from many corners of the country, and with several others from different parts of the world, to show support to him. They were delighted when he faced them, and spoke to them.

Facing them with that usually indescribable calmness, determined facial expression, and confident voice, he told them not to relent in standing for Biafra. He told them to remain resolute because they were succeeding already. “I have surrendered my life in place of your freedom so nothing shall stop you. Don't be afraid of terror or Death. We must all make one sacrifice or the other for us to have our freedom.”

Continuing he said: “By the grace of Chukwuokike Abiama, who lives in heaven we shall win the race. There is no going back, freedom is ours and in "Biafra" we shall stand!” he thundered. The people roared in agreement with shouts of “Iseee!”

His words were big boost to the Biafrans, and on top of that, their joy knew no bounds for gaining victory in court because the Judge, highly biased Justice John Tsoho, stepped down. Biafrans considered it a shame that the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, had done all he did with judges on the “no-case” trial against the Biafran leader.
But the Biafrans were urging him to continue, believing that the more he continues with his shenanigans the more Nigeria is exposed to the world for what it is – a sham, a zoo, and an expired territory.

Unfortunately for Buhari, who is leading the hegemonic agenda of his Fulani kinsmen, he thought he would kidnap Kanu and dump him in jail without anybody raising a whimper. Their intention was not to use it to intimidate Kanu and scare him away from the Biafran issue, they also wanted to use it to intimidate and scare other Biafrans. But they were wrong because it backfired.

Now the stupidity and wickedness of that action is that they have exposed themselves to the world. Many now, both individuals, groups, even countries are standing for oppressed Kanu. For instance, the dubious trial which started with a handful of lawyers has expanded. September 26, nothing less than 52 lawyers stood up in his defence.

They have just realized, to their chagrin, that Kanu was not alone; and indeed, that majority of Biafrans were behind him. With the backdrop of the last Free Nnamdi Kanu Campaign, which Biafrans obeyed worldwide under the order of Kanu, they have come to realize that Biafra is technically off their hands. Not only that those in Diaspora participated in the street protest that took them to United Nations (UN) offices in their more than 88 countries of residence as well as Amnesty International (AI) offices, those at home in Biafraland stayed off the streets in a sit-at-home protest.

Buhari and his cohorts have now realized that Biafra is alive and well (not dead). That the people would so overwhelmingly obey the orders of someone in jail (and not that of Buhari) sent that message to them. Nigeria has completely lost its every moral right to still keep its instruments of occupation like its Police and military in Biafraland. 
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