By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

All over the accursed contraption called Nigeria, there is a subdued mood and a sense of hopelessness and foreboding among the people that call themselves Nigerians. Many of them have just realized that the hell-hole they call their country was under heavy yokes of curses.

The government had announced a public holiday for Monday, October 1, being the date for the country’s so-called Independence Day. But the people are not smiling. Critical observation and enquiry by Biafra Choice Writers revealed that a great number of people have now realized that something was greatly wrong with the accursed country.

They are agonizing. They confessed that Nigeria has so regressed from its position of hope in 1960, when it gained its dubious independence from Britain. They insisted that the hopelessness being experienced in Nigeria today were never anticipated.

The problem of Nigeria, however, as yours truly can explain is that the country is suffering under the weight of several curses that, until it collapses, its people will continue to suffer. The country is cursed partly because of the thousands that were killed en-route to making it a country. It is on record that several Biafran leaders, from towns and villages resisted it. But while the people were massacred by the British authorities, to keep them from continue to resist, their elders where humiliated and murdered.

Nigeria is also cursed because of the blood of millions of Biafrans that were shed by the British house-slaves, the Fulani and their gullible followers in Nigeria. It is on record that nothing less than five million Biafrans were massacred by Nigerian rulers, during the Biafra/Nigeria war, under the direction of the British, just to stop the coming of the State of Biafra. Apart from those killed during the run-up to the war, and those killed during the war, thousands of others have equally been massacred after the war by the likes of Olusegun Obasanjo, former President; and current Muhammadu Buhari, the current president.

Day and night, blood of Biafrans that were massacred by Nigerian governments, continue to cry against the country that. That is why the country continues to go down, and will continue to go down until it finally collapses. God is punishing Nigeria with everything, bad leadership, useless businessmen, earthquake, and hunger.

To make the matter worse for the Nigerians, they are also cursed to not be able to know about the curses over them, the source of the curses, and how to go about getting them solved.  In other words, the people are struck with yokes of stupidity. That is why even when they get their best brains from outside the country, once that fellow lands in Nigeria he will be contaminated. That is why the country continues to grope in the dark from year to year, election to election, decade to decade, and in several others ways.
Biafra is the only remedy. Independence Day celebration or not, Nigeria will die finally very soon.

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