Replica of Yoruba media against Biafra
Obviously, Nigeria Media is populated and dominated by the Yorubas. The media has a symbolic resemblance of God, and thus parades, in a most corrupt version, a replica of His creative abilities. Thus the media has the power to build and to destroy, to give life and to take life (figuratively), to mold and to shatter, to strengthen and to weaken, to orientate and to disorientate. When the media is up against you, only God in heaven can deliver you. Oh yes, the media has the power to give life to what is hitherto nonexistent (case study is how Buhari's disastrous "dark" image was laundered to appear "white" by the media before and during the 2015 Presidential election), and to take life out of what has been, and is existing (again take a look on how President Jonathan's meaningful image was systematically destroyed with the instrumentality of the compromised Lagos-Ibadan expressway brown envelop media).

He who underrates the power of Media does that to his own peril, and only a fool, which gullible Igbo men epitomize, does that.

The Yorubas - a tribe inhabiting the western part of the geographical enclave referred to as "Nigeria" - the most abominable and despised name history has ever doctored – tutored by the British, schematically, in the craftiest manner, hijacked the Media industry in Nigeria. Following the conspiratorial dictates and vastly cynical blueprint of the British, resonant on their ill-will, aversion, hatred, jealousy and fear of the Biafran nation, the Yoruba media has taken a vehement stance against the Igbo-speaking clan of Biafra. Among the so many destructive, deforming, and dehumanizing notions propagated by this evil-intent Media is the notion "IGBOS LOVE MONEY' - a blatant lie.

To discredit you and reduce you below avarice, the Yoruba Media painted, paints and continue to paint unabated, a picture of Igbo conceived of corruption, born of greed, midwifed by fraud, and raised on materialism. But history, and indeed events, show that the reverse is actually the case and that indeed, these vices are of Yorubas, by the Yorubas, and for the Yorubas. You need evidence? Surely you'll get a handful.

The Yoruba Media that finds it orgasmic tainting the image of Biafrans with concocted and hyperbolic corrupt tendencies, blowing it in the dailies, in the television houses, Radio stations and every other channel they can, that Igbos love money, has been conspiratorially quiet for decades on the first national forgery and monumental fraud pulled by their very own MKO Abiola. This late fraudster, Abiola, laid the foundation stone of fraud and forgery in Nigeria via the ITT project.

In the song “International thief thief,” Fela Anikulapo Kuti – probably the only truthful Yoruba man ever lived, called out Abiola for his staggering fraud. Suffice it to say, Abiola dug the cesspit for sinking the country’s wealth. Fela whitewashed him, decrying the cyclic evil he had created. Obasanjo was not left out that phenomenal song. Corrupt to the bones he drilled the government coffers, handing over an anemic government in 1979. Among other issues, Fela asked after the 15 million dollar oil money that grew wings and flew to Ota Farm. That was in his first coming. The Ota rouge would later return in 1999 to massage his greed.

Yet they say Igbos love money. Did Fella ever mention any Igbo name in reference to or in connection with any money scandal? And come to that, Ekwueme, Zik, Mbaonu-Ojike, (all Igbo men), served Nigeria at national level; did history convict any of them of corruption? And Fela was a Yoruba, not an Igbo, least one would have said he called out others and spared his own tribe.

Wait a minute! So you mean the same Yoruba media that tells you Igbos love money didn't tell you that their patriarch, Awolowo, made his money by stealing Igbo properties and ceasing their money in the banks? Hold on a moment; do you really mean to say you don't know that the Yoruba patriarch, Awolowo, is not just a traitor but also a thief, stealing in broad-day light? Yet they tell you Igbos love money. Is Awolowo an Igbo? Awolowo is a thief, and so is Obasanjo, Adekunle, and the rest of them. So who loves money more?

How about Ahmed Bola Tinubu and his fifteen international bank accounts? How about the wife of Oyo state governor? How about the pastors who suck their members dry to buy private jets? Who are they? Any Igbo name among the list? And come to that, of what origin are the pastors who milk their members to build private universities, claiming it is for the church, but thereafter, inflates the intuition fee to a level even an average income earner cannot afford? Pastor David Oyedepo was banned from entering UK because was adjudged corrupt. Has such been heard of any Igbo pastor?

Wake up Biafrans, Yoruba media is killing your image. We must find a way of dislodging, dismantling, and surmounting the hips and avalanche of lies cooked, erected and propagated against us by the unscrupulous Yoruba media playing out the "Character Assassination" script authored by the British. We must set the records aright.
By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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  1. This is the best I have read with regards to our media war against the British republic of Nigeria. Thanks to you, Nelson Ofokar.
    You know, when you are saying the truth, you don't struggle with it, the article maintained an insightful coherence till the end.