The fiery Pastor-Activist of the Omega Fire Ministry International Apostle Johnson Suleiman is at it again.  In an unusual charismatic interview he recently granted, Apostle Suleiman who affirmed that he had nothing personal against President Muhammadu Buhari has branded APC a scam that Nigeria in the height of their desperation for better governance fell for.
‘APC leaders soon to stage a protest against their party’
‘Nigerians chose Buhari, not God’
‘Nigeria may break up if God does not intervene… You can be together and not together’
‘Buhari doesn’t look real as he’s doing the same things he criticised his predecessor about’
‘I have no personal issue with Buhari, but I hate lies and people gaming others’
‘It shouldn’t only be about corruption, what about creativity and economic dynamics?’
‘Those at the helm of affairs in APC as leaders have dossiers of corruption on them’
‘There’s hope for Nigeria if we all can pray for this nation’
‘I see Buhari’s ministers resigning out of frustration’
‘Going to China and other countries for help will be met with disappointment’.
In a recent interview in Lagos, Apostle Suleiman while lamenting on the poor governance of President Buhari said ‘He cried when he heard that fuel is now N145’.  He described the APC government as lacking in direction and rooted on faulty foundation.  For instance he said:
‘In 2012, Buhari was against subsidy removal and even branded it a scam and now in 2016, he removed subsidy.  You see, the problem is that President Buhari is still seeing Nigeria with the ‘eyes’ of 1984.  In 1984, the government controlled the economy of Nigeria but now the economy of the nation is with the private sector, the SME and other enterprises.  So when you come with the consciousness that your agenda is only to tackle corruption, you should know that there are other vital issues to handle.  You don’t operate leadership with a one-agenda mentality’.
He described Buhari’s approach to economy as that which blocks the inflow and outflow of money into the country, which of course is what controls the economy and create employment.
‘So when you block their inflow and outflow and a man puts in $50,000, he gets a call from the EFCC or CBN because they think he is a thief, the man will have to think of going to say Ghana to do his business.  So, Buhari crippled the private sector and the investors have to relocate…. Like I said during my crossover service, we don’t need change and if we need change, then what are changing to?  Are we changing from good to better or from good to worse?  I want to tell you that PDP is fraud, APC is a scam’
Apostle Johnson expressed fear that President Buhari might not be able to revamp the dwindling economy with his policies and style of leadership that have made businesses pulled back from Nigeria.  He decried a situation where the President acts like a dictator without obeying court orders.  For instance, ‘the court has freed Nnamdi Kanu, but he is still in prison’.  The issue is different today.  The judiciary believed to be the last hope of the common man is not the same.   Today, you can see selective vendetta.

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